Children and Young People

Providing Children and Young People in Qatar with World Class Healthcare

Going to a hospital can be intimidating for some children. At Sidra Medicine, we provide families with high quality medical services. Our staff are highly trained and experienced in specialty pediatric care and provide children and their families with reassurance and dedicated support. Your family can rest easy knowing an entire team of qualified and compassionate medical professionals are here to help.



Services for children and young people include:

Children’s Services: how does COVID-19 impact patients and visitors coming to Sidra Medicine?

To ensure the safety of our patients and families, Sidra Medicine strives to remain free of the COVID-19 virus. To achieve this we ask a set of basic questions and will take the temperature of everyone entering the hospital as well as request the parent or guardian to show the status of the Ehteraz app on their smartphones. Initial screenings are done at the entries to our outpatient clinics and our Emergency Department.

Please note that we only test patients who are admitted to Sidra Medicine for specialty care that is not available at another healthcare facility.

For Children coming to the Outpatient Clinic

Please do not come to the Sidra Medicine Outpatient clinic if you are sick or have close contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

Please ensure your child has a confirmed clinic visit. Please call 4003-3333 if you are not sure of the date and time of your appointment.

Children with parents attending Hematology – Oncology Outpatient Center (HOOC), Outpatient Infusion Center (OPIC), and scheduled surgical and diagnostic procedures will all be tested in the testing center in DSU 1C at Sidra Medicine on the day before their appointment.

For Children coming to the Emergency Department (ED)

Patients coming to Sidra Medicine’s ED will be treated for their emergency medical needs and may be referred to another healthcare facility if their condition is limited to mild coronavirus symptoms. We are following the guidelines as set by Qatar’s Ministry of Public Health.

Only two adults (must be 18 or over) are allowed to accompany the child into the ED and siblings will not be allowed to visit. These two designated adults will be the only visitors allowed in the child’s room should the child be admitted to the hospital.

For Children who are admitted as in-patients to Sidra Medicine

If your child is admitted to Sidra Medicine, we take their safety, and the safety of your family as well as that of our other patients and our staff, very seriously. For each child admitted, the two designated adults (must be over 18) accompanying the patient, will be screened daily for signs of acute infection by the clinical team on the unit they are visiting.

Siblings of the patient are not allowed to accompany or visit the child during this time due to their safety, and we request parents to make arrangements to keep them at home

General Principals

Only designated adults who have been tested and cleared by Sidra Medicine may accompany or visit the child, and will be expected to wear a medical mask at all times when they are inside our hospital. Social and physical distancing should be maintained as much as possible in the patient rooms and corridors.

Contact us

If you have any queries about our children’s services and current guidelines, please dial 40033333 and press #1.