Dr. Chiara Botti

About Dr. Chiara

Dr. Chiara Botti is a Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgeon. Her specialties include facial surgery, including face lifting, eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty. She is also an expert in breast surgery and body contouring. 

Dr. Botti is a visiting consultant and her services at the Aesthetic Surgery and Medicine Clinic at Sidra Medicine will be on scheduled on a locum basis. Please call 40037113 to book a consultation.

Registrations Open for Sidra Medicine's PMFG 2020

Registrations Open for Sidra Medicine’s Precision Medicine and Functional Genomics Symposium
QF entity to welcome leading international speakers at PMFG 2020 and offer 14.25 CME credits


11 November 2020, Doha, Qatar Sidra Medicine is pleased to announce that registrations to its virtual Precision Medicine and Functional Genomics Symposium (PMFG 2020) are now open. The symposium will be hosted online from 5th to 7th December 2020.


Aisha Ahmad AA Yousuf

About Aisha Ahmad AA

Medical Director, Reproductive Surgery

Dr. Aisha Ahmad AA Yousuf is the medical director of reproductive surgery at Sidra Medicine. She specializes in robotic and minimally invasive gynecology surgery.

Dr. Yousuf contributed significantly to multiple baseline projects to establish the department of obstetrics and gynecology at Sidra Medicine. Her research interests focus on pelvic floor disorders and anatomy as well as surgical and medical educations.

Abdulkadir Wagley

About Abdulkadir

Attending Physician

Dr. Abdulkadir has worked at Sidra Medicine since March 2017. He is a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynecologist. He leads the activities that ensure the pathways for women undergoing both Obstetric and Gynecological surgery are coordinated safely, working closely within a multidisciplinary clinical team. As an experienced gynecologic surgeon and obstetrician, Dr Abdulkadir supports women with Gynecological surgical needs as well as those pregnant patients with more complex pregnancies.

Professor Karim Kalache

About Karim

Division Chief, Maternal and Fetal Medicine

Dr. Karim is the Chief of the Maternal-Fetal Medicine Division at Sidra Medicine. Prior to assuming this role in 2014, he served as Vice Chairman and Professor of the Department of Obstetrics at the Charité – University Hospital in Berlin, Germany.

He is a leading expert with an international reputation for clinical excellence in Prenatal Diagnosis and Obstetrics.

Professor Ziyad Hijazi

About Ziyad

Prof. Hijazi has nearly 40 years of experience in Congenital Cardiology and has pioneered several ground-breaking Interventional procedures in the field. He is an internationally recognized leader in the nonsurgical repair of congenital and structural heart defects in children and adults and in the development of novel trans-catheter devices. 

Dr. Rudaina Hassan

About Rudaina

Dr. Rudaina is a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynecologist at Sidra Medicine. She has contributed to the leadership and development of the private model of care for women at Sidra.

As an experienced obstetrician and gynecologist, she has supported the department through the development of clinical guidelines for the emergency management of women.


Bachelor of Medicine degree and Bachelor of Science degree, Physiology, Kings College London.