Hearing Tests and Hearing Aid Services

Hearing loss can begin in early childhood, but it can be scary and frustrating at any age. At Sidra Medicine, we have specialized sound treated rooms that allow our audiologists to test children’s hearing in an environment free of outside noise and distractions. We provide comprehensive hearing assessments designed to determine the type, degree, and severity of hearing loss in a patient. If we discover signs of hearing loss, we follow the assessment with a consultation to discuss treatment options and ongoing monitoring of the child’s condition.

    Audiologists work very closely with the following clinics within the hospital:

    • Ear, nose, and throat (ENT)
    • Craniofacial and plastics
    • Nurses in the universal and newborn hearing screening program
    • Allied Health

    Caring for a Child with Hearing Loss

    Hearing loss is serious, but treatments have made it so that children can still live happy, fulfilling lives. Though there is not yet a cure for hearing loss, hearing aids and other listening devices have made it so young people can overcome the major effects of this condition.

    Audiology TeamAt Sidra Medicine, we provide hearing aid fitting and a variety of follow up services to ensure our patients have the resources they need to hear clearly, including: