Genetic and Genomic Medicine

Medical Treatment Rooted in Genetics

Many medical problems originate in our DNA. In the past, people would live much of their lives not knowing a health condition was on its way until the symptoms manifested. This is often a difficult revelation. At Sidra Medicine, we are helping families prepare for and possibly prevent health conditions before they can begin.

Genetics provide us with a roadmap for how our bodies grow, including what kinds of diseases and disorders it will be more vulnerable to.

With information on the body’s genetics, we can prepare for and possibly prevent serious health conditions. We have invested in the latest genomic medicine technology to provide quality treatment for inherited genetic disorders.

Our genomic medicine clinical staff can provide referrals to medical specialists. We offer compassionate care for children and families diagnosed with a variety genetic disorders as discovered by the National Expanded Metabolic Newborn Screening program and the National Premarital Genetic Counselling and Screening program.

Inpatient and Outpatient Consultations at Sidra Medicine

The Genetics team serves as primary care providers to the patient, but may also provide them with referrals to other specialist at outpatient clinics to aid in the child’s care. Outpatient services are currently offered at the Clinical and Metabolic Genetics outpatient clinic at Hamad Medical Corporation. This team also provides inpatient consultation services to women and children admitted at Sidra Medicine.