Qatar Poison Center

Phone Consultations for Poison Treatment

If you believe your child has been poisoned, do not panic. Right now, you need to take decisive action to get them the treatment they need. Sidra Medicine’s poison center can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In Qatar an estimated 1200 patients per year experience overdose or poisoning annually. Sidra Medicine hosts the Qatar Poison Center, which is a national poison center to provide comprehensive around-the-clock poison management consultations and advice. Some details about the Qatar Poison Center include:


The Qatar Poison Center is the first and only poison center in Qatar. Our mission is to prevent poisoning through public education and awareness, to manage poisoning in public and healthcare setting, and to further develop clinical toxicology in Qatar.


Qatar Poison Center is staffed by pharmacists and doctors with toxicology training. Specialists in Poison Information receive calls from the public and other healthcare institutions in Qatar. They provide management recommendations based on treatment guidelines. The QPC serves the entire population of Qatar.


The Qatar Poison Center is open to healthcare consultations starting January 2018. The center will expand to receive public calls in early quarter 2018. The center is available 24/7 for healthcare consults, but will be available to the public during limited hours.


The Qatar Poison Center is located in Doha and serves all of Qatar. All work of the Qatar Poison Center occurs by telephone. We do not see any patients or provide any consultations in the poison center.


Poisonings are a leading cause of morbidity and mortality. A call to the poison center gives you access to timely and expert consultation, and for the public, a call can save the patient a costly trip to the emergency department. We also provide follow-up calls and continued management consults after the initial call for all hospital patients.