Pediatric Psychology Services at Sidra Medicine

Mental Health Services for Children & Young People

There are different reasons a child or young person and their family may come to see a clinical psychologist. Many children admitted to the hospital have to come to terms with medical care and personal health much faster than most people. The goal of our psychology team is to help children and young people understand and cope with their thoughts and feelings.

When we meet with the child and family, we will work together to come to an understanding of the things that are difficult for a child or young person. In working with the family, we will also create a treatment plan on how best to help. We do this through talking and asking questions and, above all, listening to what matters to that child or young person. We play games or draw together (play therapy) to help us get to know a young person better. Sometimes we will ask a young person to keep a diary or chart to record their thoughts, feelings, actions, or symptoms.


Therapies & Services

We use a number of different therapies, all of which are based in evidence. That is, we know from research that these can be helpful for children and young people struggling with similar kind of conditions. View Our Services

The Assessment

First appointments will typically last between 90-120 minutes, during which time we will meet with you and your child. If the patient is a young person, we will give them the opportunity to meet on their own with the Clinical Psychologist for part of this appointment.

At a first appointment, it is helpful for us to hear all about the child, their life, hobbies, school/college/work, friends, and family, as well as the background to the condition that needs treatment. We will also discuss the difficulties the young people have been experiencing, how these are impacting on their life, and how everyone in the family copes.

At the first appointment, we may share information leaflets and helpful tips and strategies to help with the difficulties your child is experiencing to review while you wait for your next appointment. In most situations, we will ask you to come back for a follow-up appointment.