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The leadership team is responsible for the strategic direction of all clinical and operational services of the Sidra Medical and Research Center and lead Sidra to deliver the highest standard of patient care

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Sidra to Help Qatar Grow as a Hub for Genetic Medicine

14 August, 2014

Sidra Medical and Research Center will house a first-of-its-kind facility, the High-Throughput Genomics Center, to undertake population studies and genetic sequencing for the MENA region.

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Sidra Symposia Series Brings International Experts to Qatar to Discuss Fetal Malformation Diagnosis and Management

18 June, 2014

Sidra and international experts discussed the prevention and treatment of fetal malformation, a problem that results in approximately 3.2 million disabilities every year globally, during the Sidra Symposia Series event on Tuesday.

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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Research Development at Sidra Medical and Research Center

10 June, 2014

Dr. Mohammad Haris, Principal Investigator in Sidra’s Translational Research Division, is driving MRI research development in Qatar

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Your breastfeeding questions answered, part 1: Is formula better for babies than breast milk?

31 August, 2014

As part of our efforts to promote and support the importance of breastfeeding for World Breastfeeding Week 2014, we’re taking the opportunity to answer some frequently asked questions. We asked mothers to send us their most pressing questions about breastfeeding and received a diverse range of submissions. Today, we’re addressing a question that came up several times: “Is it true that fortified formula is better for the baby than breastmilk?” Read on to get the answer!

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Your breastfeeding questions answered, part 2: How will it affect my body?

24 August, 2014

Building on the momentum of World Breastfeeding Week, our myth busting mission continues as we answer some more of your questions.

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Your breastfeeding questions… Answered!

11 August, 2014

As we continue to celebrate World Breastfeeding week, which takes place during August 1st-7th, we’re taking the opportunity to answer some frequently asked questions about breastfeeding. Because our key area of focus is the health and wellbeing of women and children, we want all parents to be fully educated on the health benefits that breastfeeding has for both mother and child, and to not be deterred by myths and misconceptions. Read on to get the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about breastfeeding.

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