Health Promotion Campaign

Take Charge of Your Health & Wellness in Qatar

Health promotion and disease prevention is an important part of our commitment at Sidra Medicine to transform lives. The Health Promotion Division promotes a holistic approach to health that moves beyond clinical care, and towards empowering women, children, and young people to be in control of their own health and well-being. We hope to achieve this by providing patients with easy access to educational resources and engaging them in fun activities that promote health and wellness.


Our programs are designed to appeal to various age groups and cultural backgrounds. Our services can be accessed whether you are a patient in the hospital or a community member looking for ways to keep your family healthy.


Our programs engage our patients and the community through:

  • Health education and skills development through classes and workshops
  • Community outreach and engagement events
  • Health awareness campaigns

In association with Qatar’s National Health Strategy, we are focusing on providing health promotion programs in the following areas:

  • Child safety and injury prevention
  • Healthy lifestyle (healthy eating, physical activity, emotional wellbeing)