Sidra Medicine Introduces Cervical Screening to its Women’ Services Program

QF Entity takes active measures to protect women from cervical cancer

26 February 2020, Doha – Sidra Medicine, a member of Qatar Foundation, has launched a Cervical Screening Clinic, as an extension to its women’s services program.

The Cervical Screening Clinic at Sidra Medicine is committed to supporting Qatar’s nationwide efforts to protect women from cervical cancer. The clinic offers cervical screenings which can detect abnormalities and identify the need for treatment. Services include Pap tests, which check for cell changes in the cervix caused by the Human Papillomavirus (HPV). The Clinic also offers HPV vaccinations to all eligible women and has embedded a system that will notify a patient when they require a follow up test.

Dr. Osman Ortashi, Senior Attending Physician overseeing the Cervical Screening Clinic at Sidra Medicine, said: “HPV in women can cause several types of infections and in severe cases, cervical cancer, which can lead to mortality. Recent statistics indicate that only 17.2 per cent of women in Qatar are screened for cervical cancer, and unfortunately 12 of 19 cervical cancer cases from 2018 resulted in death. People can be infected with HPV for years, before they experience any symptoms of infection. This is why women should get regular cervical screenings which will allow for early detection of any changes in the cervix. Treatment in the early stages have a very high success rate. Waiting until the appearance of physical symptoms, such as bleeding and pain, will be too late.”

“It is strongly recommended that women undergo regular cervical check-ups and get HPV vaccines as a protective measure from different strains of HPV and developing cervical cancer.

This is applicable even if they have already had an abnormal pap test, as the HPV vaccine could protect them from other strains to which they have not been exposed to previously, ”continued Dr. Ortashi.

The Cervical Screening Clinic is staffed by internationally trained female nurses and physicians who also support patient education about cervical screenings and cervical cancer. The clinic offers appointments directly within seven business days and does not require a referral.

“The Cervical Screening Clinic is an important extension of our gynecology services at Sidra Medicine to offer women in Qatar comprehensive healthcare. Through education and vaccines, coupled with well-trained professionals in the field, we are taking active measures to not only raise awareness country-wide but also help reduce the mortality rate of cervical cancer,” said Dr. Michel Makhlouf, Act. Chair of Women’s Services at Sidra Medicine.

Cervical cancer is caused mainly by HPV, a sexually transmitted infection. Though it causes no symptoms, around 99 per cent of all cervical cancer cases are a result of an HPV infection. Women should be screened for cervical cancer every three years from ages 21 to 49, and every five years from ages 50 to 64. Patients married for more than three years and not yet aged 21 are also eligible.

Read the Arabic press release here.

Gynaecological services are part of Sidra Medicine’s Women Services Program, which aims to provide quality care for women and children. For more details, please contact the Women’s Care Coordination team at | 4003 3333 or visit