Sidra Medicine Outpatient Clinic recognized for patient satisfaction excellence


Sidra Medicine’s Outpatient Clinic has scored top marks in the organization’s regular internal patient satisfaction survey, seven months after opening the doors to its first clinics, figures released today show.

The results from the survey revealed that out of 4,772 respondents who took part in the survey at the Sidra Medicine Outpatient Clinics since May until December 2016, 92 per cent of patients were fully satisfied with their experience at Sidra Medicine.

Sidra Medicine’s Chief Executive Officer Peter Morris said, “At Sidra Medicine, we pride ourselves on putting our patients at the heart of all we do. We are delighted with the results from our patient satisfaction survey, which is testament to Sidra Medicine’s ongoing vigilance and commitment to our patients and thanks to the skills and expertise of our diverse healthcare leaders and teams. We collect and transparently report on patient satisfaction at the Sidra Medicine Outpatient Clinic to ensure that we continuously deliver the best quality care and safety for our patients. This is an ongoing process as we gear up to open more services and clinics until the Outpatient Clinic becomes fully operational later next month.”

Since May, Sidra Medicine has been collecting data and feedback from patients following their visits to the Outpatient Clinic. Through surveys, patients are asked to rate their experience on areas including the ease of their journey from home through to their registration at the clinic, the process of getting an appointment, rating the doctors and nursing teams, comfort in the hospital building and the quality of waiting room and hospital amenities.

Highlights from the patient feedback collected include, “The care we received was more than I imagined it would be. It was excellent and I hope they continue to keep up providing such great levels of care and service to patients” (about General Surgery), “Excellent care – I felt like a VIP!” (about Orthopedics) and “The service provided was excellent. I have yet to experience better service in other facilities” (about the Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic). One patient, was so happy with the care she received from the Obstetrics team that she named her baby Sidra. “The team and staff at Sidra Medicine were exceptional. I really valued the attention and care that was given to me – and it seemed fitting that I name my baby Sidra – a beautiful name which is also mentioned in the Quran.”

Dr. Abdulla Al Kaabi, Deputy Chief Medical Officer of Sidra Medicine, added, “The feedback that we receive from each patient allows us to ensure that we are identifying any gaps and concerns immediately and making necessary improvements to enhance patient experience at Sidra Medicine. The high patient rating of our doctors, nurses and the services motivates us to work harder and to ensure we maintain the best possible standards of care. This is particularly critical as we attend to a higher volume of patients, ramp up more services including readying our main hospital for inpatient care and recruit for over 3500 clinical and administrative roles over the course of two years.”

Sidra Medicine successfully began the phased opening of its Outpatient Clinic in May 2016 with several pediatric outpatient clinics and services and also offers obstetrics care. Pediatric specialties include psychiatry, dermatology, neonatology, urology, orthopedics and plastics/craniofacial consultation clinics.

In October, Sidra Medicine also launched its Day Surgery clinic and in January 2017 launched Qatar’s first Child Advocacy Program dedicated to handling neglect and child abuse cases. By the time the roll out of all clinic and service openings is complete by February 2017, Sidra Medicine will have over 35 clinics and services.  The referral-based Sidra Medicine Outpatient Clinic is currently accepting patients from Hamad Medical Corporation, Primary Health Care Corporation and the QF Primary Health Care Center. Sidra Medicine is collaborating closely with other healthcare institutions in Qatar to expand the referral network as more clinics and services are launched.