Sidra Medicine’s Abdulrazaq Al Kuwari Appointed as Acting Chief Operating Officer


As part of the ongoing effort to streamline operations ahead of Sidra Medicine opening in the first quarter of 2015, Abdulrazaq Al Kuwari, who has most recently been leading the Business Development Office at Sidra Medicine, will become the Acting Chief Operating Officer. Reporting directly to Sidra Medicine’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. William Owen, Mr. Al Kuwari will be responsible for planning, implementing, evaluating, and continuously improving the operational functions at Sidra Medicine.

Mr. Al Kuwari will work to ensure that all departmental policies, procedures and outcomes provide the highest quality and safety of patient care, physician relations, and employee satisfaction. He will have direct responsibility and accountability for the management of Support Services, Facilities, Food and Nutrition, Office of Activation Management, Patient Experience, Communications and Supply Chain, including Procurement. Mr. Al Kuwari will also facilitate recruitment for departments under his responsibility. He will retain his oversight of the Business Development Office.

“Abdulrazaq has been an outstanding member of the Sidra Medicine team for the last five years. His commitment to our vision for Sidra Medicine as a hub for health care, research and learning along with his wide-ranging expertise have played an important part in getting us to the excellent position which we are in today. I am delighted that he will now apply his talents to the COO role and look forward to working closely with him and the rest of the senior leadership team as we move rapidly towards making our vision a reality for the women and children of Qatar,” said Sidra’s CEO Dr. Owen.

Mr. Al Kuwari has been at Sidra Medicine since 2008 and has varied experience in financial matters, executive management and economics in both the private and government sectors. He received dual undergraduate degrees in finance and business management, with minors in economics and governmental affairs from Eastern Washington University and holds an MBA from the University of Miami with a specialization in health sector management and policy. Prior to Sidra Medicine, Mr. Al Kuwari worked with RAND-Qatar Policy Institute.

“The vision behind Sidra Medicine is a bold and inspiring one, supported by a team of dynamic, supremely talented, world-leading professionals, which I have been proud to be part of for the last six years. It is an honor for me to take the next step in making a lasting contribution to health care for women and children in Qatar, the region, and the world,” said Mr. Al Kuwari.