Sidra Medicine Recruited the Next Generation of Qatari Doctors at the Seventh UK—Qatar Career Fair


Sidra Medicine recruited 150 candidates for scholarships in the medical field at the seventh annual UK-Qatar Career Fair in London, a number that is a testament to the growing interest among Qatari students in pursuing a career in medicine.

The Sidra Medicine Scholarship Team was on hand to speak with Qatari students pursuing studies in UK universities, with over 300 students turning up for the event.

Many students enjoyed the career fair, particularly the Sidra Medicine booth. Students stated that “Sidra Medicine is one of the best places in Qatar to sponsor students. We particularly enjoyed the presentation by Dr. Bothina Al Mulla, (a current scholarship student at Sidra Medicine). Ambassadors, the Minister of Education and some diplomats, including Mr. Hassan Al Sai visited the Sidra Medicine Scholarship Team at the fair. Thus far, 11 students have commenced the application process and have begun their interviews and many more are expected in the coming weeks.

Noora Al Fadala, Manager of the Scholarship Office, stated, “Meeting Qatari students around the world is an inspiring experience because you see the lengths they go to pursue their passion and bring back their knowledge to build Qatar’s expertise. Sidra Medicine is committed to transforming local talent into world-class expertise and with over 90% of scholarships going to Qataris, we are on track to realize our vision.”

The Sidra Medicine Scholarship Program helps to prepare those interested in building a career with Sidra Medicine by equipping them with the necessary skills and experience. The Program is part of Sidra Medicine’s vision to grow domestic talent into world-renowned medical professionals. The program, currently sponsoring over 250 students, supports study in medical fields and scholarships are offered in bachelor and post-bachelor degrees, PhDs, residencies, fellowships and research programs. Sidra Medicine also offers the Jana Program, which is a development opportunity offered to Qataris who hold a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university in Health, HR, IT, or Business. If selected, Qataris take part in a training program in one of Sidra Medicine’s project team departments (HR, Finance, IT, PMO, Clinical Planning, Support Services, Communications, Support Services) where they are exposed to a health care environment and learn about a variety of career options.