Judy Dawson-Jones

Chief Nursing Officer

Ms. Judy L. Dawson-Jones is the Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) at Sidra Medicine, a women’s and children’s hospital in the State of Qatar. She first joined the healthcare organization in 2017 as an Executive Director of Pediatric Nursing before being appointed as the CNO in 2021.

As the CNO, she is responsible for the administration and oversight of Sidra Medicine’s 1600 staff across nursing, midwifery, nurse practitioners, allied health, health education and professional practice.

Ms. Dawson-Jones has over thirty years of leadership and practice experience in outpatient and inpatient settings in pediatric healthcare. She also has experience in women’s health, pediatric and adult medical surgery. She has a history of successfully bringing multidisciplinary leadership and managers together to focus on a shared vision of excellence in the delivery of quality patient care based on best practices. 

Since being appointed as the CNO at Sidra Medicine, Judy has initiated the development of a behavioral healthcare delivery program for the clinical areas of the hospital.  She helped launch an interprofessional collaborative between the Neonatal Service and the Doha University of Science and Technology. Under her leadership, in 2022, the hospital launched the Certified Pediatric Nurse Exam (by the Pediatric Nursing Certification American Board), a first for Qatar and the region and also marked the completion of its first year of membership to the National Database of Nursing Quality Indictors.

Prior to joining Sidra Medicine, Ms. Dawson-Jones was the Director of Nursing at Akron Children’s Hospital in Cleveland. She also served on the Board of Directors of the American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing.

Ms. Dawson-Jones received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia and a Master of Public Health from the George Washington University in Washington, DC.