Governance and Leadership

Sidra Medicine Leadership

The leadership team is responsible for the strategic direction of all clinical and operational services, ensuring Sidra Medicine delivers the highest standard of patient care. We invite you to visit the pages below to learn more about our leadership and see for yourself the prestigious names in healthcare and Qatar government that have come together to create an outstanding healthcare service.

  • Audit, Risk, and Compliance Committee

    The purpose of the Committee is to assist the Board of Governors in fulfilling its strategic oversight responsibilities for the financial reporting process, the systems of internal control, the audit process, enterprise risk management, and the Corporation's process for monitoring compliance with laws and regulations, and with the Code of Ethical Conduct.
  • Research Committee

    The Research Committee provides strategic oversight for the conduct of the Corporation’s research, ensuring that it is conducted in a manner that is ethical, fiscally responsible and in keeping with the Corporation’s vision and mission. The Committee works with the Research Department to review and challenge the Corporation’s ongoing research strategy.
  • Finance Committee

    The Finance Committee provides independent assurance to the Board through oversight of the Corporation’s financial position. The Committee presents the annual and long term operating and capital expenditure budgets to the Board for approval and provides other fiscal advice and recommendations as required by the Board.
  • Quality Committee

    The Quality Committee advises the Board on matters relating to the quality and safety of services provided by the Corporation. To achieve its function in quality oversight, the committee monitors the quality and safety of health services being provided, using appropriate indicators developed by the Corporation. In addition, the committee oversees the development of the annual quality and safety plan and recommends and promotes improvements across the organization.