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Precision Medicine and Functional Genomics 2021 – Virtual Meeting (PMFG21)

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This year, PMFG21 is a three-day event with post-conference satellite meeting, centered around four themes:

  • Day 1 Track 1: Future of Pediatric Genomic Medicine
  • Day 1 Track 2: Large Scale Genomes and Data: From Discovery to Health
  • Day 2 Track 1: Precision Care in Maternal and Child Health
  • Day 2 Track 2: Advances in Innovative Therapies for Precision Medicine

Target Audience

  • Researchers
  • Physicians
  • Bioinformaticians
  • Clinicians, researchers and scientists
  • Genetic counselors
  • Students
  • Lab professionals
  • Nurse practitioner and physician assistants
  • Pharmacists
  • Allied Health
  • Public Health
  • Public Policy
  • Biotech Industry

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At the end of the Conference, the participants will be able to:

  • Find out how making genomic discoveries and a fundamental first step toward identifying targets for precision treatments
  • Understand the genetic causes and underlying mechanisms of several complex pediatric disorders, and learn methods for precision medicine to treatment and discovering new therapeutic options
  • Learn how large-scale human genomic and health data are transforming medical care
  • Appreciate how evidence-based treatments, innovative translational research combined with providing extra ordinary care will improve outcomes and aid establishing therapeutic approaches for children with critical, rare, and chronic diseases
  • Describe the recent applications of precision medicine in maternal, fetal and child health
  • List examples of the translational applications of precision medicine for different types of diseases


Day 1: Saturday 4th December 2021 - TRACK 1
14:00 14:10 Opening Remarks
Dr. Khalid Fakhro- Chief Research Officer
Dr. Ammira Akil – Organizing Chair of Track 1
Dr. Younes Mokrab – Organizing Chair of Track 2
Sidra Medicine, Qatar
Session 1: Genomic landscape in complex pediatric disorders and its impact on research and medicine
  • Describe examples of therapeutic approaches of Precision Medicine ongoing in Qatar.
  • Learn about interest, state of the art and the major challenges for the development of the clinical application of Precision Medicine.
  • Appreciate how the local health care can benefit from innovative translational applications of Precision Medicine
14: 10 14: 40 Opening Keynote Speaker:
Dr. Hakon Hakonarson
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, USA
Precision Medicine Approaches in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Complex Pediatric Disorders
14: 40 15: 00 Session Keynote:
Dr. Adam Jaffe
University of New South Wales, UK
Precision Medicine in Cystic Fibrosis”
15: 00 15: 20 Dr. Theodore Laetsch
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, USA
Molecular targeted therapies for children with difficult to be treated cancers
15:20 15:40 Dr. Amal Hassan Sidra Medicine, Qatar Precision Medicine in Disorders of Immune Dysregulation
15: 40 16: 00 Dr. Struan F.A. Grant
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, USA
Precision medicine role in metabolic disorders, diabetes, and obesity
16: 00 16: 15 Break
Session 2: Precision Medicine in Pediatric Disorders: Opportunities for Improved Patient Care
  • To provide a balanced perspective on the utility of genomic medicine in the field of complex pediatrics disorders
  • To better predicting the disease risk, understanding how diseases occurs, and finding improved diagnosis and treatment strategies
  • To learn how to expand and advance patient outcomes by conducting the execution of precision medicine in clinical practice
16:15 16:35 Session keynote Speaker:
Dr. Stephen Scherer
The Hospital for Sick Children, University of Toronto, Canada
Precision Medicine Landscape in Canada
16:35 16:55 Dr. Ma’n Zawati
McGill University, Canada
16:55 17:15 Dr. Mustafa Khokha
Yale School of Medicine, USA
Precision Medicine Role in Critical Illness in Infants and Children
17:15 17:35 Dr. Christian P. Schaaf
University of Heidelberg
Genetic causes of neurodevelopmental and neuropsychiatric disorders
17:35 17:50 Break
Session 3: Integration of personalized medicine into complex diseases prevention
  • To identify approaches to integrating genetics and genomics into disease prevention
  • To learn about revised approaches to prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of pediatrics complex disorders
  • To enhance the understanding about the impact of genetic and the environment in order to accelerate the progression from research innovation to development and delivery of targeted patient's care
17:50 18:10 Session keynote Speaker:
Dr. C Thomas Caskey
Baylor College of Medicine, USA
“Precision medicine for disease prevention"
18:10 18:30 Dr. Carmella Evans Molina
Indiana University
Precision approaches to disease modifying therapy in type 1 diabetes
18:30 18:50 Dr. Richard Oram
Exeter University, UK
The role of genetic screening in type 1 diabetes prediction
18:50 19:20 Closing Keynote Speaker:
Dr. Robert Green
Harvard Medical School, USA
“Newborn Sequencing with its Implications for lifelong Precision Care”
19:20 19:25 Closing Remarks by Dr. Ammira Akil


Day 1: Saturday 4th December 2021 - TRACK 2
14:00 14:10 Welcome Note
Dr. Younes Mokrab
Sidra Medicine, Qatar
Session 1: Data Resources Enabling Genomic Medicine
  • Illustrates the use of large-scale resources in driving precision medicine research
  • Learn about the latest success stories from landmark projects
  • Appreciate the importance of population diversity genomics to reach outcomes in the local and global context
14:10 14:40 Keynote Speaker: Dr. John Mattick
University of New South Wales Sydney, Australia
Transforming healthcare with genomic information
14:40 15:00 Dr. Dave Brown
Qatar Precision Medicine Institute, Qatar
Federation of case reference data is vital for precision medicine
15:00 15:20 Dr. Ingrid Sheffer
University of Melbourne, Australia
“Precision Medicine n Epilepsy”
15:20 15:40 Dr. Joel Dudley
Mount Sinai, USA
“Large Scale Genomics Studies in Understudied Populations”
15:40 16:00 Dr. Michelle Trenkmann
Springer Nature, UK
The role of journals in supporting translational research in understudied populations
16:00 16:15 Break
Session 2: Impact of Large Sequencing Consortia
  • Understand how large-scale genome sequencing efforts are changing medicine
  • Learn about efforts being conducted in the Arab and Middle Eastern region
  • Appreciate the impact of specific examples from advanced international efforts
16:15 16:35 Dr. Said Ismail
Qatar Genome Program, Qatar
Qatar Genome; Spearheading Qatar’s Precision Medicine Agenda
16:35 16:55 Dr. Fowzan AlKuraya
King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre, KSA
Large scale Mendelian genomics programs as enablers of precision medicine
16:55 17:15 Dr. Christopher Mason
Weill Cornell Medicine NY, USA
Global and space station mapping of emerging viruses
17:15 17:35 Dr. Michele Ceccarelli
University of Naples Federico II, Italy
Large scale computational systems biology in cancer genomics
17:35 17:50 Break
Session 3: Actionable Genome and Phenome
  • Understand the value for combining genomic and phenotypic data
  • Appreciate the efforts driven by industry in specific disease areas
  • Learn about the latest outcomes in the field and future directions and challenges
17:50 18:10 Dr. Laura Addis
Recall-by-genotype studies in genetics-driven drug discovery
18:10 18:30 Dr. Rafael Rosengarten
Genialis, USA
A Million to One: Bridging the Biomarker Chasm from Discovery to the Clinic
18:30 18:50 Dr. Habiba Alsafar
Khalifa University, UAE
Making medicine personal in the Middle East
18:50 19:20 Keynote Speaker:
Dr. Nancy Cox
Vanderbilt University, USA
Integration of Genetics, EHR and BioBanks to Drive Precision Medicine
19:20 19:25 Closing Remarks by Dr. Younes Mokrab


Day 2: Sunday 5th December 2021 - TRACK 3
14:00 14:10 Welcome Note
Dr. Souhaila Al Khodor
Sidra Medicine, Qatar
Session 1: Precision Medicine for Successful Pregnancy Outcomes
  • Define the role of male obesity and aging effects on sperm epigenome.
  • Describe the role of pre-implantation genetics in improving fertility outcomes
  • Demonstrate the need for pre-natal genetic counselling and precision medicine in utero
14:10 14:30 Dr. Nady Elhajj
Hamad Bin Khalifa University, Qatar
“Male Obesity and Aging Effects on the Sperm Epigenome and Possible Consequences for the Next Generation”
14:30 14:50 Dr. Johnny Awwad
Sidra Medicine, Qatar
“Pre-implantation genetic testing for the selection of the best embryo: A critical appraisal and future directives.
14:50 15:10 Dr. Tawfeg Bin Omran
Sidra Medicine, Qatar
“Prenatal Genetic Counselling”
15:10 15:40 Keynote Speaker:
Dr. Anna David
University College London, UK
“Precision Medicine in Utero”
15:40 16:00 Break
Session 2: Early Diagnosis and Treatment of Pregnancy Complications -Focus on Preterm Birth
  • Explain the changes of the immune system during pregnancy
  • Describe the different ways to predict preterm birth
  • Demonstrate how extracellular vesicles can reduce the risk of preterm birth
16:00 16:20 Dr. Nima Aghaeepour
Stanford University, USA
Machine Learning for Multiomics Analysis of the Immune System during Pregnancy
16:20 16:40 Dr. Rachel Tribe
King’s College London, UK
Preterm Birth Risk Prediction and the need for Clinically Useful Biomarkers to Predict PTB
16:40 17:00 Dr. Ramkumar Menon
University of Texas Medical Branch, USA
“Delivery of Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Using Extracellular Vesicles to Reduce the Risk of Preterm Birth”
17:00 17:20 Break
Session 3: Covid- 19 in Pregnancy and lessons learned from Big Data
  • Describe the clinical aspects of Covid-19 in pregnancy
  • Explain whether vertical transmission for Covid-19 takes place in pregnancy
  • Outline the recent statistics about Covid-19 in pregnant women living in Qatar
  • Learn about the use of big data to predict health and disease
17:20 17:40 Dr. Valeria Savasi
University of Milan, Italy
SARS- COV 2 infection and pregnancy from the first trimester to the delivery
17:40 18:00 Dr. Albert Adu Opoka
Hamad Medical Corporation-Al Wakra Hospital, Qatar
COVID-19 in pregnancy- experience from Al Wakra Hospital, Qatar
18:00 18:20 Dr. Claudio Fenizia
University of Milan, Italy
Covid-19 and Pregnancy: is there a vertical transmission?
18:20 18:50 Keynote Speaker:
Dr. Michael Snyder
Stanford University, USA
Big data and Health
18:50 19:00 Q&A
19:20 19:25 Closing Remarks by Dr. Souhaila Al Khodor


Day 2: Sunday 5th December 2021 - Track 4
14:00 14:10 Welcome Note
Dr. Cristina Maccalli
Sidra Medicine, Qatar
Session 1: The New Dimension of Clinical Care: Prospects and Challenges in Gene Therapy and Immune Related Disorder
  • Describe different strategies of gene therapies currently used for clinical interventions.
  • Explain the potential impact of genomic data on healthcare.
  • Identify examples of precision medicine approaches for disorders caused by chronic inflammation.
14:10 14:40 Keynote Speaker:
Dr. Alessandro Aiuti
San Raffaele Hospital Milan, Italy
Hematopoietic stem cell gene therapy for inborn errors: turning blood (stem) cells into a medicine
14:40 15:00 Dr. Holm Uhlig
University of Oxford, UK
One gene has many phenotypes - understanding the complexity of IL6 cytokine family signaling through monogenic disorders
15:00 15:20 Dr. Mamoun Elawad
Sidra Medicine, Qatar
Precision medicine in VEO-IBD
15:20 15:40 Dr. Ronald Crystal
Gene Therapy for Neurodegeneration
15:40 16:00 Break
Session 2: The Promise of Precision Medicine: From Bench to the Bedside
  • Present the latest advances of targeted therapy for inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.
  • Illustrate novel applications of genomic knowledge to inherited metabolic diseases.
  • Explain the process of the translation of research investigations from the bench to the bedside
16:00 16:20 Dr. Massimo Gadina
NIH-Bethesda MD, USA
JAKPOT! JAK Inhibitors as a Therapeutic Strategy for Inflammatory and Rheumatic Diseases
16:20 16:40 Dr. Paolo Martini
Moderna Therapeutics, USA
mRNA Therapy for Inborn Error of Metabolism Disorders
16:40 17:00 Dr. Eliana Ruggiero
San Raffaele Hospital Milan, Italy
Gene Editing for Improving Safety and Efficacy of Cancer Adoptive Immunotherapy
17:00 17:20 Break
Session 3: Advances in Cancer Cell Therapy and Gene Editing: Paving the New Era in Patient Centric Care
  • Classify the types of cell therapy for cancer treatments and the mechanisms of resistance
  • Describe how the immune system can improve cancer patients' survival
  • Estimate the potential of gene editing for patient care
17:20 17:50 Keynote Speaker:
Dr. Steven Rosenberg
National Cancer Institute, USA
Cell Therapy for Metastatic Cancer
17:50 18:10 Dr. Adrian Bot
Kite Pharma, A Gilead Company, USA
Approaches to Define and Overcome CAR T Cell Treatment Resistance
18:10 18:30 Dr. Stanley Qi
Stanford University, USA
Programmable Genome Engineering for High-Precision Gene Therapy
18:30 18:50 Dr. Francesco Marincola
Kite Pharma, A Gilead Company, USA
Next generation CAR therapies for Cancer Therapy: making it better rather than easier
18:50 19:00 Q&A
19:20 19:25 Closing Remarks by Dr. Cristina Maccalli


Day 3: Monday 6th December 2021 - Satellite Symposium
13:30 13:40 Welcome Note
Dr. Cristina Maccalli
Sidra Medicine, Qatar
Session 1: The state of the art in Qatar of the translational application of Precision Medicine
  • Describe examples of therapeutic approaches of Precision Medicine ongoing in Qatar.
  • Learn about interest, state of the art and the major challenges for the development of the clinical application of Precision Medicine.
  • Appreciate how the local health care can benefit from innovative translational applications of Precision Medicine.
13:40 14:00 Prof. Khaled Machaca
WCM-Q, Qatar
What are the opportunities for personalized medicine application in Qatar?
14:00 14:20 Dr. Khalid Ibrahim
Sidra Medicine, Qatar
Spinal Muscular Atrophy; The Search for a Cure
14:20 14:40 Dr. Kakil Ibrahim Rasul
Personalizing mCRC Therapy with Novel Biomarker-Driven Treatments
14:40 15:00 Dr. Nahla Afifi
Qatar Biobank Director, Qatar
The impact of Qatar Biobank on Precision Medicine Initiative “Opportunities and Challenges”
15:00 15:20 Break
15:20 15:40 Dr. Hadi Mohamad Abu Rasheed
Qatar Cancer Society, Qatar
How could the Cancer Civil Society Organizations play a catalyst role in Precision Medicine?
15:40 15:50 Introduction to the panel discussion
Panel Discussion:
Advanced Therapies in Qatar: more to come
15:50 17:00

HE. Dr. Mohammed Bin Hamad Al-Thani
Ministry of Public Health, Qatar

Dr. Nahla Afifi
Qatar Biobank Director, Qatar

Dr. Ayman Saleh
Sidra Medicine, Qatar

Dr. Salha Bujassoum

Dr. Dave Brown
Qatar Precision Medicine Institute, Qatar

Dr. Khalid Fakhro
Sidra Medicine, Qatar

Dr. Rayaz A. Malik
Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar

17:00 17:05 Closing Remarks by Dr. Cristina Maccalli

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“This activity is an Accredited Group Learning Activity Category 1 as defined by the Ministry of Public Health’s Department of Healthcare Professions - Accreditation Section (DHP-AS) and is approved for a maximum of 12 hours.”

“This activity was planned and for the healthcare team, and learners will receive 12 hours Interprofessional Continuing Education (IPCE) credits for learning and change”