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Dr. Ammira Al-Shabeeb AKIL

Principal investigator and head of Precision Medicine in Diabetes Prevention Lab at Sidra Medicine. Interested in utilizing the genomic data and local population cohorts in studying the genetic susceptibility and risk variants of complex diseases with a special focus on diabetes, obesity and their complications in kids and adults. Her lab have special attention to discover the key immuno-cellular risk pathways aiming to developing antigen-specific therapeutic strategies and drug delivery approaches.

Dr. Akil is chairing PMFG21 this year, where she has compiled an ironic program for Day1 track 1, on Future of Paediatric Genomic Medicine.

Dr Younes Mokrab

Dr. Younes Mokrab

Principal investigator and head of Medical and Population Genomics Lab at Sidra Medicine, as well as assistant professor in Genetic medicine at Weil Cornell Medicine. Interested in using advanced wet and dry lab methods to study large-scale genomic and health records including EHR and Imaging to explore fine-scale population structure, its impact on disease risk, and the genetic architecture of both rare and complex diseases especially neurodevelopmental disorders. His lab has a particular interest in Middle Eastern populations where high level of parental relatedness (consanguinity) is common, notably from Qatar and Arabia.

Dr. Mokrab is chairing PMFG21 this year, where he has assembled a rich program for Day1 track 2, on Large Scale Genomes And Data: From Discovery To Health.

al khodor

Dr. Souhaila Al Khodor

Director of Maternal and Child Health division in the research branch at Sidra Medicine, since July 2019 and an Investigator since January 2015. Dr. Al Khodor is interested in studying the role of the microbiome in health and disease, with a particular emphasis on maternal and child health. In her projects, Dr. Al Khodor uses integration of metagenomics with other omics aiming to identify predictive markers for various diseases and pathological conditions.

Dr. Al Khodor is chairing PMFG21 this year, where she has put together an outstanding program for Day 2 track 1, on Precision care in maternal and child health.


Dr. Cristina Maccalli

Principal investigator of the laboratory of Immune and Biological Therapy at Sidra Medicine since 2015. Her lab is focused on the development of cell-based therapies for cancer patients and the identification of biomarkers correlating with the immune responsiveness of patients undergoing immune-therapy using a combination of various omics and innovative immune functional assays.

Dr. Maccalli is chairing PMFG21 this year, and she has planned an interesting program for Day 2 track 2, on Advances in innovative therapies for precision medicine

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