Research Departments


Research departments at Sidra Medicine include Translational Medicine and Biomedical Informatics. Both of these departments are equipped with sophisticated technology and staffed with diversely experienced researchers and scientists who are committed to making innovative changes in medical care.

Translational Medicine

The Department of Translational Medicine aims to perform research to understand human biology and pathophysiology relevant to the improvement of healthcare by improving diagnosis, disease prevention, therapeutic applications, and implementation of advanced therapies.

We aim to expedite the transformation of new research discoveries into clinical applications and conversely emphasize the discovery of new biological concepts through direct patient-based observation that could stimulate new research developments.

Investigators use sophisticated technologies to empower translational scientists and clinicians for new discoveries, engaging clinicians and patients in research, building collaborative networks, and training a new generation of clinical and translational scientists within the region.

Biomedical Informatics

The Department of Biomedical Informatics aims to service and support the biomedical research needs of Sidra Medicine as well as other institutions in Qatar, by providing flexibility to the researchers to execute research projects with minimal informatics constraints. The Department has built a custom-designed HPC infrastructure for the computation and storage of high-throughput genome-wide experimental data. The HPC architecture is custom-designed and unique not only in Qatar but in the whole region as well.

The Department has also developed unique expertise in Bioinformatics and Biostatistics in order to analyze big data arising from genomics and other omics projects. This has facilitated not only clinically relevant research in Sidra, but also nationally important large-scale programs such as the Qatar Genome Program (QGP). Recognizing the pivotal role that Sidra Biomedical Informatics plays in Qatar, it has been established as a “National Resource”.