Luis R. Saraiva, PhD

Principal Investigator – Associate Level | Director
Laboratory of Neurometabolism and Functional Genomics

Email: lsaraiva (@)
Phone: +974 40037639
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Selected publications (†co-first, *corresponding):

  • Manoel, D; Makhlouf, M; Arayata, CJ; Sathappan, A; Da’as, S; Abdelrahman, D; Selvaraj, S; Hasnah, R; Mainland, JD; Gerkin, RC; Saraiva, LR*. Deconstructing the mouse olfactory percept through an ethological atlas. Curr Biol (2021) 31: 2809–2818.
  • Huang, SSY†; Makhlouf, M†; AbouMoussa, EH; Ruiz Tejada Segura, ML; Mathew, LS; Wang, K; Leung, MC; Chaussabel, D; Logan, DW; Scialdone, A; Garand, M; Saraiva, LR*. “Differential regulation of the immune system in a brain-liver-fats organ network during short term fasting”. Mol Metab (2020) 40:10138.
  • Ambrosi, TH; Scialdone, A; Graja, A; Gohlke, S; Jank, A-M; Woelk, L; Fan, H; Logan, DW; Schürmann, A; Saraiva, LR; Schulz, TJ. Adipocyte accumulation in the bone marrow during obesity and aging impairs stem cell-based hematopoietic and bone regeneration. Cell Stem Cell (2017) 20:1–14.