Sidra Medicine's Patient Portal

Monitor Your Health Records Anywhere, Anytime

Welcome to Sidra Medicine's Patient Portal, the online tool for Sidra patients. Sidra Medicine's Patient Portal gives you direct access to select areas of your electronic health record and more.

By registering for a Sidra Patient Portal account, you can view lab results and appointment information, as well as your medications using the Internet. The portal also allows for convenient communication with your doctor’s office. You can ask questions related to your appointments and medical care, using the message center.

Patient Portal Login

Why Use Sidra Medicine's Patient Portal?

  • View your medical information online
    • Review your medications, allergies and medical history
    • View test results online(some test results are not available on line)
  • Stay in touch with your doctor
    • Communicate easily and securely with your doctor’s office to get answers to your medical questions
  • Manage your appointments
    • View details of your past and upcoming appointments
    • Ask appointment related questions
  • Access your family’s medical records
    • Ideal for parents who are managing their children’s or their healthcare

How Do You Access Sidra Medicine's Patient Portal?

Sign up at home

Within a day or two from your last clinic visit, you will receive an e-mail invitation from Sidra

Follow the instructions to create an account. Once you have accepted the invitation and created an account you can log into your Sidra Patient Portal.

Logging in

User IDs and passwords are case sensitive

I forgot my password, who can help me?

On the Sign In page, click the link "Forgot Password?"

HealthLife – Patient Portal Mobile App

Healthlife Patient Portal mobile app is now available in Qatar region – Download available on Apple and Android app stores.