Glasses for Children


Why does my child need glasses?

Your child has had an eye exam at Sidra by an optometrist/ ophthalmologist (Eye doctor). Your child’s eye exam shows he/she has a refractive error and needs glasses to see well.

What is a refractive error?

In a normal healthy eye, when you look at an image, the image hits the back of the eye and this process creates a focused image. This area at the back of the eye is called the retina (1).
When the image is not sharp and focused it may be a result of the following conditions

  • Hypermetropia (Long-sighted) – the image does not focus sharply on the retina but falls behind it (2). The image looks larger when you look through the glasses.
  • Myopia (Short-sighted) – the image does not     cornea lens focus sharply on the retina but falls in front of it
    (3). Image looks smaller when you look through the glasses.
  • Astigmatism – the curve of the front of the eye (cornea) is steeper in one direction than the other. The shape of the image changes when you rotate the glasses.

Prescription for glasses

You will receive a prescription for your child’s glasses. Take the prescription to any optical shop and they will make the glasses for your child.
We recommend you get your child’s glasses made as soon as possible.

Getting the glasses made

When you go to the optical (eye) shop:   

  • Remember to take the prescription
  • Bring your child with you
  • Ask for custom frames for children

The optician will need to measure your child for the glasses frames. It is also important to take your child with you when picking up the glasses. The optician will fit the glasses on your child and make any necessary adjustments. This will ensure a good fit.

We strongly advise you not to get a second pair of the new glasses until your child has been assessed by the orthoptists with the new glasses.

  • Your child should wear his/her glasses all the time unless given other advice from the ophthalmologist, orthoptist or hospital optometrist.
  • Remember your child’s glasses have been custom made just for them.
  • Your child may complain saying his/her vision is worse when wearing the new glasses. This is common. It may take several weeks for your child to adjust to his/her new glasses.
  • Wearing the glasses properly is important to successfully treating his/her condition. Discourage your child from looking over the glasses and to look through the lenses.

Glasses fitting

  • It is very important that glasses fit children well. Check the fit of your child’s glasses at home every 2-3 weeks. • If your child complains his/her glasses are no longer comfortable, or if you notice their glasses are slipping down their nose or are bent, the glasses will need to be adjusted. Take your child and the glasses back to the optical shop who will make the necessary adjustments.
  • Making adjustments is normal and important to a good fit.

What if my child loses or breaks his/her glasses?

If the glasses break, take them to the optician who dispensed the glasses for repairs. If the glasses are lost, go back to the dispensing optician to request a new pair. You will need to cover the cost of a new pair of glasses.

How can my child get an extra pair of glasses for sports, prescription sunglasses and swimming goggles?

If you want an extra pair of glasses made for your child you will need to cover the cost for any additional glasses.

Follow-up appointment in the eye clinic

Your child will return to the eye clinic within 8 to 12 weeks for a follow-up.

  • This allows your child time to get use to the new glasses (glasses adaptation period). At the follow-up we will assess your child for any improvement in his/her condition.
  • During the follow-up appointment, your child’s prescription will be checked and any further advice about the glasses will be shared.
  • Please bring the glasses with you to every visit

When is the next glasses test appointment?

A glasses test is done every 12 months. Depending on your child’s condition it may be done more often. The eye clinic staff will let you know when your child’s next glasses test appointment is scheduled.

If you have any questions or concerns:

Please contact Sidra eye clinic.