Event Monitor


What is an event monitor?

An event monitor is a portable device used to record your child’s heart electrical activity when he or she has symptoms. The device is battery powered, portable and can monitor heart activity while your child goes about his or her day.

Can my child play while using an event monitor?

Yes. It is important for your child to keep to his or her regular routine. This may include playing with friends, and/or practicing sports.
Important things to know before your child uses an event monitor:

  • It is very important the monitor does not get wet.
  • Do not shower, bathe or swim with the monitor. The device must remain dry at all times.
  • Do not press the send button as it will not allow you to record again.
  • It is important the battery is not removed from the monitor. If this happens, the memory on the monitor will be erased and the test will need to be preformed again.
  • If the device is no longer working, return the device to heart clinic. Do not change the battery.
  • If your child requires an X – RAY, MRI or other medical  procedure, make sure to keep  the monitor away from your child.  


Your child’s doctor has recommended the use of an event monitor. The monitor will be worn for days and will monitor your child’s heart rhythm. Pressing and holding the GREEN record button, will save a short recording of your child’s heart rhythm for the doctor to see.

Follow these steps:

Step 1: When you feel your heart symptoms, press and hold the GREEN record button.
Step 2: While holding the green button, you will hear a long beep. After the beep, release the green button.
Step 3: After the recording is complete. Fill in the date, time, activity and your child’s symptoms in the diary below.

Patient Diary:

































How do I return the event monitor?

After days, place the event monitor and patient diary in the clear plastic bag provided. Return the monitor to the Sidra Cardiology Clinic, Hospital building, 1st floor.

If you have any questions or queries please call the Sidra Outpatient Clinic (OPC) at 4003-3333