Brave little cancer warrior Muntaha’s journey of care at Sidra Medicine


Muntaha was referred to Sidra Medicine in early 2019, when she was just under two years old for Hepatoblastoma, a very rare cancerous (malignant) tumor.

Hepatoblastoma is a cancer that that starts in the liver with symptoms including a lump, swelling or pain in the abdomen.

Muntaha’s care at Sidra Medicine included specialist support from radiology, pathology, anesthesia, oncology and surgery among others. She had to undergo a complex treatment program including a series of tests such as blood tests, CT scans and a tumor biopsy. This was then followed by chemotherapy to stunt the growth of the tumor on her liver. Finally, Muntaha underwent surgery to partially remove the parts of the liver affected by the cancerous tumor.

Dr. Ayman Saleh, Div. Chief of Pediatric Oncology at Sidra Medicine said: “Our pediatric surgeons did an extended hepatectomy, which means they took out the absolute maximum amount of liver that anyone can take while leaving just enough for Muntaha’s liver to function normally. We also used special radiological techniques to detect exactly where the tumor extended to, allowing for a complete and safe resection.”

“Our excellent multidisciplinary approach to care in saving Muntaha’s life highlights our ground breaking pediatric oncology program that continues to advance new, more effective and where possible less aggressive therapies for children suffering from cancer. I am thankful to our colleagues across the spectrum of pediatric care, who yet again showcased our specialist expertise in caring for children with complicated, life-threatening and rare diseases.”

Muntaha’s parents said: “We are incredibly grateful for the family centered care at Sidra Medicine and the efforts taken to save our little girl’s life. The entire team took the time to explain her treatment program every step of the way, making us feel involved and active members of her care. Thank you to everyone at Sidra Medicine – we are thrilled that she is now home, thriving and a happy little girl.”