Precision Medicine and Functional Genomics 2022

23-26 September 2022
Minaretein Building, Hamad Bin Khalifa University, Doha, Qatar

PMFG Pre-Conference Biotech Forum
22 September 2022
Sidra Medicine, Hospital Auditorium

Overview /Agenda


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Thursday 22 September 2022

Biotech Forum-Translational Precision Medicine: An Industry perspective

11:45 12:45 Lunch
12:45 13:00 Opening Remarks
Session 1: New Horizons for Transformative Cancer Treatment
13:00 13:30 Lance Kawaguchi Making an Impact: Advancing early-stage biotechs through venture philanthropy and international collaboration
13:30 14:00 Dr. Yibin Kang

Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research-Princeton University, U

Development of small molecular inhibitors to improve immunotherapy response
14:00 14:30 Mert Aktar

Head of Corporate Development & Strategy, Kite

Kite: Delivering Transformative Cancer Treatment
14:30 15:00 Dr. Slaney Clare

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Victoria, Australia

Enhancing CAR T cell therapy by enabling their interaction with antigen-presenting cells
15:00 15:30 Dr. Allen Feng

HebeCell Corp, US

Generation of Cytotoxic iPS-NK Cells in Scalable Bioreactor Platform for Nex-Gen Allogeneic Immune Cell Therapy
15:30 16:00 Break
Session 2:
16:00 16:30 Xiling Shen, Terasaki The new era of functional precision medicine for clinical diagnostics and drug development
16:30 17:00 Rami Mehio

Head of Global Software and Informatics (Illumina)

Maximizing Genomic Insights with Whole Genome Sequencing
17:00 17:30 Adam Kennedy, Associate Director, Clinical Metabolomics at Metabolon Characterizing Inborn Errors of Metabolism and Phenotyping Individuals with Metabolomics
17:30 18:00 Dr. Vincenzo Iaconianni

ICMED SRL, Ispra, Lombardy, Italy

Cell therapy: tissue or drug? Regulatory perspective
18:00 18:10 Closing Remarks
Friday 23 September 2022

Worldwide National Programs and Clinical Trials of Precision Medicine

13:00 13:30 Opening Note
Session 1:  How can personalized approaches pave the way to Next-Generation Medicine?

·       Learn about coordinated efforts on developing Precision Medicine around the world

·       Understand how these efforts bring the promise of changing medicine

·       Learn how advanced diagnostics and personalized treatments improve the quality of patient care


13:30 14:05 Opening Keynote lecture: Dr. Dan Roden

Vanderbilt University, US

Electronic Health Records as key tools in discovery and implementation in Precision Medicine
14:05 14:30 Dr. Astrid Vicente

ICPerMed, Portugal

The ICPerMed vision for Personalised Medicine in 2030 – making progress towards implementation
14:30 14:55 Dr. Dave Brown

QPMI, Qatar


14:55 15:20 Dr. Patrick Tan

Precision Health Research (PRECISE) Singapore

Transforming Health in Singapore through Precision Medicine
15:20 15:45 Dr. Imed Gallouzi

KAUST, Saudi Arabia

15:45 16:15 Break
16:15 16:50 Keynote Speaker: Dr. Yibin Kang Princeton University, US


Targeting cancer fitness genes in metastatic cancers


Session 2: Precision Medicine Trials: barriers and best practices

·       Learn about best practices for conducting successful Precision Medicine Trials.

·       Understand how cancer treatment is benefitting from Precision Medicine approaches.

·       Discover the need of networking for improving Precision Medicine in rare disorders (i.e., pediatric cancer).

·       Learn about current barriers for clinical trials and explore ways to overcome them.


16:50 17:15 Dr. Alice Chen

National Cancer Institute, US

The Precision Medicine Initiatives of the NCI
17:15 17:40 Dr. Mirjam Blatter-Johnson

Hopp Children’s Cancer Center, Germany

17:40 18:10 TBD TBD
18:10 18:30 Dr. Michaela Semeraro (Recorded or online)

Necker Children’s Hospital, France

18:30 18:40 Closing
Day 2: Saturday 24th September 2022

Topic- Technologies and clinical approaches advancing Precision Medicine and pediatric cancer immunotherapy.

8:00 8:40 Rapid talks – selected from abstracts
Speaker 1 – 3; 9 minutes each
Session 1: Precision Medicine Technology platforms

·       Understand the value of Precision Drug Screening.

·       Learn about modeling of human tissues and diseases.

·       Learn about technology platforms for advanced genomics, proteomics, imaging and flow cytometry available in Qatar.




9:15 Dr. Yu Shrike Zhang

Harvard Stem Cell Institute, US

High-content modeling of human tissues and diseases in vitro for Precision Drug Screening
9:15 9:40 Opening Keynote: Dr. Gorka Orive

University of the Basque Country,



Progress in the field of cell-laden hydrogels


9:40 9:55 Dr. Jean-Charles Grivel

Sidra Medicine, Qatar

9:55 10:10 Dr. Stephan Lorenz

Sidra Medicine, Qatar

10:10 10:25 Dr. Houari B. Abdesselem

Jilbin Sam Plammoottil George

Qatar Biomedical Research Institute, Qatar

Defining Key Platforms in QBRI Core Lab Facilities: Sengenics Autoantibody Profiling, Olink Proteomics, and Cytometry Technologies


10:25 10:40 Dr. Frank Schmidt

Weil Cornell Medical College, Qatar

Advanced multiplex proteomics techniques in clinical proteomics: an ideal tool for biomarker discovery


10:40 11:10 Break


Session 2: Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation vs Gene Therapy: how choosing the right treatment for hemoglobinopathies and immune deficiencies

·       Learn about the results of standard treatments for hemoglobinopathies and immune deficiencies.

·       Discover the role of gene therapy for hemoglobinopathies and immune deficiencies.

·       Understand how selecting patients that can benefit from gene therapy.


11:10 11:45 Keynote Speaker: Dr. Matthew Porteus

Stanford University, USA

Advancing Genome Editing of Hematopoietic Stem Cells to Engineer Red Blood Cells
11:45 12:10 Dr. Rawad Rihani

King Hussein Cancer Center, Jor

Risk adopted approach for allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation for children with thalassemia major: KHCC experience


12:10 12:35 Dr. Alessia Cavazza

University College London, UK

12:35 13:00 Dr. Davila Saldana Blachy

Children’s National Hospital, US

13:00 14:00 Break
Session 3 – Pediatric Cancer Immunotherapy: an evolving field of Precision Medicine (in partnership with SITC)

·       Learn about the most novel applications of immunotherapy in pediatric cancer.

·       Be acquainted with the recent developments of immunotherapy in pediatric solid cancer.

·       Understand how targeted treatments can enhance weaponry against pediatric cancer.


14:00 14:25 Keynote Speaker: Dr. Marco Ruella

Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, US

14:25 14:50 Dr. Yvonne Chen

University of California Los Angeles, US

Engineering Next-Generation CAR-t Cell Therapy for Cancer
14:50 15:15 Dr. Rimas Orentas

Seattle Children’s Hospital, US

Moving from Hematologic Malignancy to Solid Tumors: Pathways to Effective Immunotherapy for Pediatric Solid Tumors.
15:15 15:40 Dr. Slaney Clare

University of Melbourne, Australia

Epigenetic modification of chimeric receptor antigen T cells for treating pancreatic cancers
15:40 Break
16:10 16:35 Dr. Hadi Mohamad Abu Rasheed,

Qatar Cancer Society, Qatar

The role of cancer civil organizations in general and the Qatar cancer society in particular in supporting the precision medicine efforts in Pediatric Cancer Immunotherapy
16:35 17:00 Dr. Franco Marincola

Kite Pharma, US

Determinants of CAR-T response and next-generation approaches in LBCL
17:00 17:25 Dr. Eric Bouffet

Sickkids Hospital, Canada

Targeted therapies in paediatric brain tumors


17:25 17:50 Dr. Christian Capitini

University of Wisconsin-Madison, US

Development of NK cell and CAR T cell-based strategies for targeting GD2+ pediatric solid tumors.
17:50 18:00 Closing Remarks
18:00                                     Day Closing
Sunday 25 September 2022

Technologies and Experimental Approaches Advancing Translational Genomics

Rapid talks – selected from abstracts
8:00 8:30 Speaker 1 – 3; 9 minutes each




Rami Mehio

Head of Global Software and Informatics (Illumina)

Maximizing Genomic Insights with Whole Genome Sequencing
Session 1: Cell, organoid and animal models in translational genomics

·       Understand the value of using cell, organoid and animals as disease models in biomedical research

·       Learn about in-vitro and in-vivo experimental approaches used to better understand human genetic disorders

·       Learn about how patient-derived cells and organoids are advancing precision medicine efforts


8:50 9:15 Opening Keynote: Dr. Bruno Reversade

A*STAR, Singapore

Leveraging the power of Mendelian genetics to foster innovation for common unmet medical needs
9:15 9:40 Dr. Essam Abdelalim

QBRI, Qatar

Induced pluripotent stem cells as a platform for precision medicine in diabetes
9:40 10:05 Dr. Dr. Eduardo Zimmer

UFRGS, Brazil

Imaging Brain Glucose Metabolism
10:05 10:30 Dr. Leo Kurian

University Cologne, Germany

The RNA code of cell fate and function
10:30 10:50 Break
10:50 11:25 Keynote Speaker: Dr. Ana Domingos

Oxford University, UK



11:25 11:50 Dr. Xiling Shen

Terasaki Institute, USA

Patient-Derived Micro-Organospheres Enable Precision Oncology
11:50 12:15 Dr. Michael Wells


Exploration of human genetic and phenotypic diversity through cell villages
12:15 12:40 Dr. Franca Ronchese

Malaghan Institute of Medical Research, New Zealand

Transcriptomic analysis of skin dendritic cell populations provides new insight into their role in allergy development
12:40 13:05 Dr. Marcelo Dietrich

Yale University, USA

Transitions from early life to adulthood that promote health
13:05 14:30 Break
CZI Funding: Norbert Tavares, Virtual – pre recorded
Session 2: Big data and new technologies in precision medicine

·       Understand how large-scale data resources and novel technologies are driving precision medicine

·       Learn about strategies used to improve disease risk prediction, diagnostics, pathophysiology, and improved treatment strategies

·       Learn about the latest outcomes in the field and future directions and challenges


14:30 14:55 Afternoon Keynote Speaker:                Dr. Eleftheria Zeggini

Helmholtz Munich, Germany

Translational genomics of complex traits
14:55 15:20 Dr. Pedro Beltrao

ETH, Switzerland

A network expansion analysis of the genetic basis for 4000 human traits and diseases
15:20 15:45 Dr. Saquib A Lakhani

Yale University, USA

Tackling rare diseases: The Yale Pediatric Genomics Discovery Program
15:45 16:10 Dr. Daniela Robles-Espinoza

UNAM, Mexico

Genomic profiling of acral melanoma in Latin American patients
16:10 16:30 Break
16:30 16:55 Dr. Dorret Boomsma

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Next generation Twin Studies
16:55 17:20 Dr. Albino Oliveira Maia

Champalimaud Foundation, Portugal



17 :20 17 :55 Closing Keynote Speaker: Giles Yeo, Cambridge University, UK The brain control of food intake: Can an old dog teach us new tricks
Day close
20:00                                                                   Gala dinner
Monday 26 September 2022

Large Scale Genomes and Precision Medicine Initiatives in Qatar and the MENA Region

Session 1: Precision Medicine in Qatar

·       Illustrates the use of the Qatar Genome Project (QGP) in driving precision medicine research

·       Appreciate the importance of population diversity genomics to reach outcomes in the local and global context

·       Learn about the latest success stories from landmark studies using QGP data

8:00 8:15 Dr. Khalid Fakhro

Sidra Medicine, Qatar



8:15 8:30 Dr. Said Ismail

QGP, Qatar

Qatar Genome, from basic research to clinical implementation


8:30 8:55 Dr. Younes Mokrab

Sidra Medicine, Qatar



8:55 9:20 Dr. Omar Albagha

HBKU, Qatar

Identification of genetic loci associated with serum levels of thyroid hormones in the Qatari population


9:20 9:45 Dr. Puthen Veettil Jithesh

HBKU, Qatar

Actionable pharmacogenomic landscape of the Qatari population


9:45 10:10 Dr. Davide Bedognetti

Sidra Medicine, Qatar



10:10 10:30 Dr. Khalid Hussain

Sidra Medicine, Qatar

Precision Medicine for Monogenic Obesity at Sidra Medicine
10:30 10:50 Break
Session 2: Precision Medicine in the Middle East

·       Understand how large-scale genome sequencing efforts are changing medicine

·       Learn how molecular diagnostics and disease subtyping improves the quality of patient care

·       Learn about Precision Medicine efforts being conducted in the Middle Eastern region


10:50 11:25 Morning Keynote Speaker:

Dr. Youssef Idaghdour

NYU Abu Dhabi


Integrative functional genomic analysis of host immune response to infection


11:25 11:50 Dr. Can Alkan

Bilkent University, Turkey

Algorithms to characterize genomic structural variation using high throughput sequencing technologies
11:50 12:15 Dr. Fatma Al Jasmi

UAE University, UAE

Precision Medicine in Rare Diseases
12:15 12:40 Dr. Nathalie K. Zgheib

American University of Beirut, Lebanon


Precision medicine in Low and middle income countries: data from Lebanon
12:40 13:05 Dr. Batu Erman

Boğaziçi Üniversitesi, Turkey

Modeling Rare Diseases: Novel Targets of the LRBA Protein
13:05 14:30 Break
CZI Funding: Norbert Tavares, Virtual – pre recorded
14:30 14:55 Keynote Speaker: Dr. Darren Logan, Mars Petcare Science Institutie, UK Precision healthcare in companion animals


Session 3: Sidra Precision Medicine Initiative

·       Learn about the utility of genetics and functional genomics approaches in the field of rare pediatric disorders

·       Learn how to expand and advance patient outcomes by conducting the execution of precision medicine in clinical practice

·       Learn about the latest success stories from the Precision Medicine Initiative at Sidra Medicine


14:55 15:20 Dr. Diogo Manoel/ Dr. Luis Saraiva + Dr. Abubakr Imam

Sidra Medicine, Qatar


Keynote Speaker: Dr. Darren Logan, Mars Petcare Science Institutie, UK
15:20 15:45 Dr. Bernice Lo + Dr. Amel Hassan

Sidra Medicine, Qatar

15:45 16:10 Nicholas van Panhuys + Mehdi Adeli, Sidra Medicine, Qatar
16:10 16:30 Break
16:30 16:55 Dr. Wouter Hendricx + Dr. William Mifsud

Sidra Medicine, Qatar



16:55 17:20 Dr. Souhaila Al-Khodor + Dr. Ibrahim Ibrahim

Sidra Medicine, Qatar



17:20 17:55 Closing Keynote Speaker: Ali Gharavi

Columbia University, USA

Using Genetics to Understand Kidney Disease Pathogenesis and Deliver Personalized Care
17:55 Poster Awards & conference closing