Sidra Medicine 2nd Health Literacy Conference

Date: October 31, 2022

Sidra Medicine 2nd Health Literacy Conference “Health Literacy- Engaging Patients and Families for Better Health Outcomes” 

Overview about the conference

In support of Health Literacy Month, the Patient Education and Health Promotion (PEHP) division at Sidra Medicine are hosting its second Health Literacy Conference on Monday, 31 October 2022.  The theme for this year is “Health Literacy- Engaging Patients and Families for Better Health Outcomes”.

Join healthcare experts from leading organizations across Qatar as we collaborate to supporting our patients and their families to be active and health literate partners in their journey of care. The aim is to highlight and reinforce on the importance of engaging patients and their families in positively impacting their health outcomes.

They hybrid conference features workshops and sessions which can be attended in person or virtually. The two accredited workshops associated with the conference will be on 24 and 26, October 2022. 

CME Accreditation: The conference has been accredited as a Group Learning Activity Category 1&3 as defined by the Department of Healthcare Professions-Accreditation Section (DHP-AS), Qatar and is approved for a maximum of 11.5 hours.

Target Audience

  • Physicians
  • Nursing staff
  • Allied Health professionals
  • Health promotion experts
  • Nurse Educators 
  • Child Life Specialists
  • Pharmacists
  • Patient Educators 
  • Students from different Health sectors (Medical, Nursing, allied health, Pharmacy)

Brief points about some Topics 

  • Empowering patient information seeking – Developing a toolkit for parents and caretakers
    • Define health literacy and how patients seek information 
    • Summarize strategies to improve finding reliable health information online 
  • Understanding of self-management role in diabetes care 
    • To identify the concept of self-management.
    • To underline the current practice of diabetes self-management programs.
    • To highlight a new attributes related to diabetes self-management.
    • To recognize the association between self-management and health literacy.
  • Enhancing Patient Engagement in Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) 
    • PHCC initiatives and practices to enhance patient engagement and experience 
    • Demonstrate strategies to enhance collaboration between patients, family, staff, and the community across the continuum of care.
    • Discuss the importance of integrating sympathy and empathy in providing care to the patient. 
    • Create measurement that matters to patients and families. 
    • Lessons learned and the next steps to enhance PCC initiatives and approach in PHCC.                           
  • Patient and family education during COVID 19 pandemic: IPAC Perspective
    • Highlight the impact of IPAC team to help improve families engagement with patient care during COVID 19 pandemic
    • Discuss IPAC family and patient education journey during COVID 19 pandemic
    • Highlight challenges of implementing the new COVID 19 visitors policy
    • Appreciate the impact of clear communication in patient and families adherence to restricted visitors and isolation precautions.
  •  Health literacy and the COVID-19 pandemic: Lessons Learned
    • Explore the determinants of health literacy during the pandemic.
    • Understand the challenges of enhancing health literacy during the pandemic. 
    • Discuss the methods that can be implemented to enhance health literacy during emergencies and normal situations. 
  • Patient and Families experience in management of Diabetes in Qatar: Findings from Patient Empowerment Survey
    • To evaluate awareness, attitudes and practices among diabetic patients and healthcare providers, and to evaluate the level of diabetes care provided to patients 
    • To identify gaps where services and support to diabetic patients can be enhanced. 
    • To seek advice from media experts on developing and implementing effective national health campaigns on diabetes
  • Enabling and empowering girls to shape their health for the future: a Gynecologist’s experience 
    • By the end of the session, the participant will be able to relate the challenges in engaging adolescents in health education endeavors.
    • By the end of the session, the participant will be able to discuss the importance and effectiveness of engaging adolescents as well as their families in changing health behaviors through health literacy.
  • Engaging Patients and Families in pharmacy setting 
    • Define Patient Health Literacy and its importance in patients’ health plan outcomes.
    • Discuss impact of pharmacy in empowering and engaging patients and family members in their treatment plan.
    • Illustrate pharmacy practice methods used to empower and engage patients and families in their treatment plan. 
  • Sharing Experience: Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) program at Sidra Medicine 
    • Discuss Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) 
    • Discuss goals and objectives of (PFAC)
    • Discuss the impact of patient engagement and involvement in healthcare decisions
  • The impact of engaging Patients and families on their healthcare and the healthcare system 
    • Discuss the concept of patient and family engagement 
    • Discuss the impacts of patient engagement on safety, people centered-care, efficiency, and health outcomes
    • Discuss factors affecting patient and family engagement 
    • Discuss strategies to improve patient and family engagement

Brief about some number of Speakers 

External Speakers: 

  • Dr. Manal Al Musallam - Director of Diabetes Education at Hamad Medical Corporation’s  Dr. Ghadir Fakhri Al-Jayyousi - Assistant Professor of Health Education and Promotion – Qatar University 
  • Dr. Kholoud Ateeq Al-Motawaa - Head of Non-Communicable Diseases in the Ministry of Public Health 
  • Dr. Amal Abdulla Al-Ali - Senior Consultant Family Medicine, Executive Director of Quality and Patient Safety - PHCC, Qatar, Chair of Corporate Ethics Committee-PHCC, Assistant Professor of family medicine in clinical medicine- (WCMC-Q) 
  • Jamie Marie Gray - Director, Distributed library, Associate Librarian - Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar 

Internal Speakers: 

  • Amal Aburamadan – Head - Outpatient Pharmacy Service, Outpatient Pharmacy Service Div.
  • Dr. Suruchi Mohan - Attending Physician - Obstetrics
  • Amal Alfarsi – Manager of Patient Education and Health Promotion 
  • Aisha Al-Obaidan - Manager - People, Education and Communication, Patient Experience Div.
  • Nektarios Foteinakis, Infection Prevention and Control Practitioner, Infection Prevention and Control Sec.

The Registration Categories 


15% discount for early birds from Sep 1st until Sep 15th 

  • Non-Sidra Medicine clinical staff: 150 QAR
  • Sidra Medicine clinical staff: 50 QAR
  • Students from different Health sectors (Medical, Nursing, allied health, Pharmacy): 80 QAR


1. Putting Health Literacy Into Practice (2 Hours )

10% discount for early birds from Sep 1st until Sep 15th 

  • Non-Sidra Medicine staff: 100 QAR
  • Sidra staff: free
  • Student: 50 QAR

2. Engaging Patient And Families To Improve Quality of Care ( 1 Hour and 30 minutes ) 

10% discount for early birds from Sep 1st until Sep 15th 

  • Non-Sidra Medicine staff:100 QAR
  • Sidra staff: free
  • Student: 50 QAR