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Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED Course

The Agenda

Lesson 1: Adult CPR AED Introduction  
Lesson 2: Adult CPR  
Lesson 3: Use an AED (Adult)  
Lesson 4: Adult CPR AED Conclusion  
Lesson 5: Adult CPR and AED Skills Test  
Lesson 6: Drug Overdose: Opioid-Associated Life-Threatening Emergencies (Optional)  
Lesson 7: Adult Choking  
Lesson 8: Water Safety (Optional)  
Lesson 9: Conclusion (Delete if teaching Child CPR AED)  
(Optional; if teaching, add 41 minutes to course path duration)
Lesson 1: Child CPR AED Introduction  
Lesson 2: Use an AED (Child)  
Lesson 3: Child CPR Skills Test  
Lesson 4: Child Choking  
Lesson 5: Conclusion  
Infant CPR
(Optional; if teaching, add 37 minutes to course path duration)
Lesson 1: Infant CPR Introduction  
Lesson 2: Infant CPR  
Lesson 3: Infant CPR Conclusion  
Lesson 4: Infant CPR Skills Test  
Lesson 5: Infant Choking  
Lesson 6: Conclusion  
First Aid
Lesson 1: Introduction  
Lesson 2: First Aid Basics: Duties and Key Steps  
Lesson 3: First Aid Basics Summary  
Lesson 4: Medical Emergencies (Contains optional topics)  
Lesson 5: Medical Emergencies Summary  
Lesson 6: Injury Emergencies (Contains optional topics)  
Lesson 7: Injury Emergencies Summary  
Lesson 8: Environmental Emergencies (Optional)  
Lesson 9: Environmental Emergencies Summary (Optional)  
Lesson 10: Prevention Strategies (Optional)  
Lesson 11: Preventing Illness and Injury; Legal Questions  
Lesson 12: Conclusion