The Second Annual Meeting of the American College of Surgeons – Qatar Chapter

The second annual meeting of the American College of Surgeons – Qatar Chapter, is one of the most appealing surgical meetings in the state of Qatar. Surgeons, surgical trainees, medical students and allied health professionals gather in a well formulated educational opportunity of scientific lectures, keynote speaks and pre-conference workshop is planned.

The pre-conference workshop aims at training young surgeons and surgical trainees on basic and advanced laparoscopy skills. Basic laparoscopic skills; such as laparoscopic precision cutting, laparoscopic suturing and knotting. Advanced training will include creation of anastomosis, and laparoscopic suturing of defects, in addition to upper and lower endoscopy as well as bronchoscopy.

Renowned international and local speakers will be giving talks about principles of laparoscopic surgery and surgical endoscopy. Advances in children and women surgical services in Qatar will be showcased by the local experts.

On this year’s meeting, researchers, trainees and students will have the opportunity to present their works in the E-Posters session. With focused research idea, abstract, or case reports presentations for 2 -3 minutes each. A panel will review the presentations and the best presentation will be awarded at the end of the meeting.
Qatar chapter of the ACS, is the newest addition to the 112 local chapters of the college, which provides for a close association of the members of the college in Qatar in their common effort to improve the quality of surgical care. It also offers a medium through which surgical experiences may be presented and discussed, and it constitutes a common ground for specialists in the various branches of surgery.

The inaugural meeting of the Qatar chapter, which took place on April 26th, 2018 was attended by the past president of the college; Dr Barbra Lee Bass, who, in addition of giving a talk, was one of the panelists for the surgical research symposium (Ibn Al-Abbas).


  • Dr Bipand Chand, Director, Loyola Center for Metabolic Surgery and Bariatric Care
  • Dr David Sigalet, Chief Clinical Services Officer, Sidra Medicine
  • Dr Abdalla Zarroug Division Chief – General / Thoracic Surgery, Sidra Medicine
  • Dr Mansour Ali, Executive Chair of Ped Surgery, Sidra Medicine.
  • Dr Aisha Yousif, Medical Director, Reproductive Surgery
  • Dr Deepa Chand, Pediatric nephrologist, Chicago, IL.
  • Dr Hiba Abdelaziz, Governor, American College of Surgery – Qatar Chapter
  • Dr Amira Al Hail, Sr. Consultant ENT, HMC.

Organizing Committee

  • Dr Muthana Al-Salihi (Chair)
  • Dr Abdalla Zarroug
  • Dr Syed Muhammad Ali
  • Dr Rashad Alfkey
  • Dr Ehab Massad
  • Dr Ahmad Abutaka
  • Dr Kulsoom Junejo