AHLS for Radiological Incidents and Terrorism

Date: 25 April 2019 7am - 12pm 

Location: Sidra Medicine 

The AHLS for Radiological Incidents & Terrorism program is a 4-hour course, providing 4 hours of CPD points. The course trains healthcare professionals to medically manage patients with acute radiation syndrome and internal contamination with radionuclides.

After completing AHLS for Radiological Incidents & Terrorism, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the basics of radiation physics
  • List different types of radiation detection equipment
  • Discuss the evaluation and management of patients contaminated with radioactive materials
  • Discuss the evaluation and management of patients exposed to ionizing radiation

This course, endorsed by the American College of Clinical Toxicology, is designed for physicians, paramedical and EMTs, as well as pharmacists working in areas such as emergency departments, critical care units, or any location where contaminated patients may be encountered.

Closed courses for groups requiring a private learning environment are also available.

Sidra Medicine is also running an afternoon session, AHLS for Toxic Terrorism. Event details and registration can be found here. 

Contact Info: Karmela Lariego, klariego@sidra.org