Maternal and Child Health Symposium 2020

From Clinical Research to Advanced Therapeutics and Precision Medicine

Sidra Medicine Research is proud to launch the first Maternal and Child Health Symposium (MCH). As part of our commitment to improving children and women’s health, this event will bring together eminent researchers, clinicians, nurses, allied health practitioners, trainees, postdocs, students and all members of the community to explore the latest developments and innovations in maternal and child health research.

This symposium will coincide with the International Women's Day.

Common disorders amongst women of reproductive age and pregnancy complications are rapidly increasing worldwide and are associated with a significant health risk for both the mother and her baby. The following incidence rates of some pregnancy complications have been reported in Qatar including gestational diabetes (17.1%), preterm birth (8.5%), pre-eclampsia (3.7%), gestational hypertension (18.4%), stillbirth (6.9%) and low birth weight (8.8%). There is still a knowledge gap in understanding the mechanisms of these complications.

MCH symposium aims to cover the most cutting-edge advances in the field of reproductive health, pregnancy, fetal and post-natal life. Sessions will be centered around high-impact translational and clinical research, advanced therapeutics and precision medicine applications in the field of maternal and child health. With this, we hope to enhance knowledge and improve clinical care practices in Qatar.


  • To understand how pregnancy can be a window to future life.
  • Provide the latest scientific information about the clinical and translational research studies in the field of maternal and child health
  • To be exposed to the most advanced therapeutic tools used to improve fertility, to manage pregnancy complications
  • To learn about the cutting-edge technologies used to diagnose, manage or treat fetal complications.
  • To address the bidirectional interaction between mental and reproductive health

Mother & Child Health Symposium is directed towards physicians, nurses, pharmacists, healthcare policymakers, scientists, academic researchers and students involved in the field of maternal and child health.


  • Dr. Souhaila Al Khodor - Sidra Medicine, Director - Maternal & Child Health
  • Dr. Annalisa Terranegra - Sidra Medicine, Principal Investigator in Nutritional Genomics and Metabolism

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