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Date: October 29, 2020

Supporting mental health in families

Join us for the free Meet Sidra Medicine’s Experts webinar series, featuring guidance and recommendations on subjects related to women’s and children’s health. We will be sharing a range of topics, including lactation and nutritional advice; diabetes management guidance for parents and patients; mental health, and more.

Felice Watt


Dr. Felice Watt

Division Chief - Adult Psychiatry for Women's Mental Health

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Dr. Zainab Kikelomo Imam

Adult Psychiatrist - Women's Psychiatry

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Discussion Points

  • What is mental health, and why is it important for our families?
  • How can we help the mental health of our families?
    Mothers, Father's, Babies, Children, and teens & Grandparents
  • Caring for the mental health of our families during the COVID-19 Pandemic

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