National Recruitment

National recruitment is responsible for sourcing, assessing and hiring a world-class national talent that supports a culture of excellence and high performance across the organization - the right person with the right competencies and attributes for the right job at the right time. National Talent Acquisition strives to be recognized for its operational excellence and as a strategic business partner in the achievement of Sidra Medicine’s vision and mission.

National recruitment is the continuous and on-going cycle of providing a pipeline of quality national talent for current and future opportunities at Sidra Medicine. This includes elements of workforce planning, market research, employment branding, outreach, networking and relationship building with potential candidate segments to continually build and enhance the talent pool for Sidra Medicine.

For more information on available opportunities, please visit Sidra Medicine Careers or contact us at:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can non-Qataris apply for the Scholarship and Graduate Associate Programs?
  • Both programs are only offered to Qataris and children of Qatari mothers who are studying or have graduated in medicine or nursing.
Does Sidra Medicine offer internship opportunities?
  • We are currently developing a comprehensive internship program for 2018 – more details will be shared later.
I have another question about my application/eligibility.
  • If you have any questions about scholarships, please contact us.
How can I apply for a job at Sidra Medicine?
Do you have Scholarship/Sponsorship opportunities at Sidra Medicine?
  • Yes, Qatari National/Qatari Mother applicants are encouraged to apply for Scholarships department via our website. Learn more here.
When will we receive an update on my application status?
  • It usually takes us a few weeks to review applicants’ profile. Once we have reviewed your profile, you will receive email feedback.
Do I need to speak English to get a job in Sidra Medicine?
  • Yes, it is important for you to be able to communicate well in both English and Arabic to be able to work efficiently at Sidra Medicine. English is the official business language.
I am interested in an internship with Sidra Medicine, how do I apply and express my interest?

If you have any questions not addressed above, please call +974 4012 5998 or email us at::