Simulation Center

Simulation Center

Medical Technology & Innovation

The Simulation Center is a local and regional center of excellence and innovation for healthcare simulation, education, patient safety, and research. The guiding principles of the Simulation Center is to provide an innovative and immersive learning environment that follows best practice standards, educational rigor and collaborates with related local and international organizations.

The Simulation Center is dedicated to high-quality simulation-based learning using international best practices.

The highly trained Simulation Center team collaborates with clinical teams and trained faculty to ensure the development of curriculum which utilizes simulation based learning to enhance inter-professional learning, critical skill development, and effective team behaviors in a safe, constructive environment and according to the principles of participatory learning. Full-time simulation specialists and technologists are available to ensure that every simulation experience is of the highest quality and achieves academic and performance goals. All instruction is tied to performance outcomes, which encourages learning in an applied environment and provides the best methods for the transfer of skills to real world situations.

Sidra Medicine offers bespoke courses for the following:

  • Uni-professional and inter-professional healthcare teams
  • Undergraduate residents and fellows
  • Post-graduate and ACGMEI resident and fellow training programs
  • External stakeholders
  • Non-clinical healthcare professionals

Main Simulation Center - CM.100, Mall Level Outpatients Clinic (OPC)

  • 1500 sqm, located on the mall level of the OPC
  • Five simulation suites to represent our clinical training areas:
  • Operating theatre
  • Birthing suite
  • Emergency care unit
  • General care ward
  • Multiple classroom configurations, some of which can be partitioned to create smaller or larger training areas
  • Advanced equipment and training mannequins to support inter-professional medical and clinical education
  • Standardized patient rooms, debrief rooms, and classroom areas linked with simulation management and audio-visual systems for live viewing and audit tools

The Simulation Center is dedicated to high-quality simulation-based learning using international best practices.

Satellite Simulation Rooms – H2C.300, Hospital Building Level 2 Tower C

  • Five simulation suites within the main hospital building, along with classrooms and training spaces

In Situ & Mobile Simulations

  • Simulations conducted with clinical and support service areas
  • Supports Team Training and System Analysis

Simulation Links

Accreditation Programs

  • Joint Commission (JCI)
  • Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSIH)

International Societies

  • International Pediatric Simulation Society (IPSS)
  • Society in Europe for Simulation Applied to Medicine (SESAM)
  • Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSIH)

Collaborative Simulation Partners

  • Hamad Medical Corporation
  • Weill Cornell
  • UCQ
  • CNAQ
  • Qatar University Pharmacy Program