Graduate Associate Development Program

Sidra Medicine’s Graduate Associate Development Program

Sidra Medicine has customized its national development as well as learning and development programs to ensure that Qatari employees at all levels are given access to the right training tools, mentorship programs, and learning opportunities to advance their careers in healthcare.

“National development remains an integral part of our short to long term focus. The programs are strategic interventions that will contribute towards Sidra Medicine’s overall success. Sidra Medicine is committed to providing excellent developmental opportunities for our national graduate associates – our future leaders.” – Peter Morris, Chief Executive Officer, Sidra Medicine

The Graduate Associate Development Program at Sidra Medicine is a blended learning program that aims to develop each Associate towards reaching his or her fullest potential.

The program follows the 70:20:10 learning philosophy where each Associate is placed in a work stream and assigned a Performance Coach to guide and support them throughout their on-the-job learning journey.

The National Associate Development team, with the support and commitment of all business parties at Sidra Medicine, provides a development program with a solid support system that allows Associates to build the required knowledge, skills, and leadership behaviors, in alliance with Sidra Medicine’s National Development Strategy 2.0.

For further information please view the National Graduate Development (NGD) Program Manual.

All candidates applying for the National Graduate Development Program should have qualified as a Sidra Medicine sponsored Qatari student, as a National or individual with a Qatari mother. Contact us to learn more.