Mohamad Firas Al-Rabbat

Mohamad Firas Al-Rabbat
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Senior Attending Physician Years Of Experience: 23
  • About the Physician

    My medical education and training journey in USA’s top-notch hospitals not only successfully enabled me to become double board certified in Anesthesiology and pediatric Anesthesiology but also made me realize the importance of applying evidence-based medicine in a well-structured medical environment in-order to obtain the highest level of medical care.
    The eighteen years of work in tertiary care centers as a consultant in Anesthesia gave me the best experience with the utmost difficult medical conditions.
    Seeing my premature son struggling to survive after his birth, made me passionate about neonatal/premature surgeries with all its Anesthesia related complexity and challenges.
    My current experience as a quality lead in my division taught me the importance of implementing high quality safety measures, with collaboration and team work.
    Away from hospital I find joy in swimming, archery and creating new educational software that might help our future residents and fellows in Pediatric Anesthesia.


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