Madeeha Kamal

Madeeha Kamal
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Senior Attending Physician Years Of Experience: 30
  • About the Physician

    Dr Madeeha Kamal Sr. Attending Pediatrician at Sidra Medicine, she looks after teenagers with behavioral problems, (mild cases of  aggression, depression, anxiety ) Adolescents with eating disorder , with ADHD Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, ASD Autism Spectrum Disorder , cases with Learning disability as well as intellectual disability

     Dr Madeeha work closely with school councilors and write letters of recommendations about each student struggling with his academics and behavioral abilities for the school to be able to accommodate these abilities
    The letter has a diagnosis , plan of management as well as recommendations for accommodation

    She also write letters to social services to assist these students with disabilities and in need for social services
    Adolescents with eating disorder managed by the team as inpatients as well as out patients services, medical , family and psychological supports in addition to the dietary consultation and support are provided by out team

    Languages Spoken

    English, Arabic

    Years Of Experience
    • MBCHB, Baghdad University College of Medicine Baghdad - 1990
    • American Board of Pediatrics- 1999
    • Canadian Board of Pediatrics - 2001
    • Sidra Medicine, Hamad Medical corporation
    • Weill-Cornell , Qatar University -college of Medicine
    Areas of Interest
    • Behavioral Pediatrics , ADHD , ASD in children and adolescents
    Educational Interests
    • Teaching Pediatric residents, as well as Medical students from Qatar University and Weill Cornell.
    • Clerkship director of Pediatrics at Qatar University , Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Qatar University and Associate Professor of Pediarics at Weill-Cornell
    Medical Publications (selected publications for last 5 years)
    • Kamal, M., Halileh, S., Dargham, S., Alyafei, K.A., Giacaman, R., Imseeh, S., Eldeeb, N., Nasr, S., Korayem, M., Abu-Rmeileh, N. and Mahfoud, Z., 2018. Comparing disciplinary methods used by mothers in Palestine and Qatar. Child abuse & neglect, 81, pp.118-127.
    • Prevalence and correlates of autism spectrum disorder in Qatar: a national study. Fouad Alshaban, Mohammed Aldosari, Madeeha Kamal, Eric Fombonne et al J Child Psychol Psychiatry 2019 May 8. Epub 2019
    • Bradshaw LG, Kamal M. Prevalence of ADHD in Qatari School-Age Children. Journal of attention disorders. 2014 Jan 10. doi:10.1177/1087054713517545.
    • Kamal M, Bener A, Ehlayel MS. Is high prevalence of vitamin D deficiency a correlate for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder? Attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders. 2014 Jun;6(2):73-8.
    • Bener A, Kamal M, Bener H, Bhugra D. Higher prevalence of iron deficiency as strong predictor of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children. Annals of medical and health sciences research. 2014 Sep;4(Suppl 3):S291-7.