Sidra Medicine Obstetrics

Obstetricians in Qatar

From antenatal care until you and your infant arrive home, our team of highly skilled of obstetricians, midwives, nurses and maternal-fetal medicine specialists are committed to offering you complete and personalized care.

Maternity care at Sidra Medicine is provided with a central focus on safety and choice to ensure that you are looked after throughout your pregnancy and birth. We also support fathers or a family member to be present in the birthing room to attend the baby’s birth.

We are pleased to introduce our self-funded maternity packages.

Our packages provide you with a selection of options to choose from including:

  • combined antenatal care and delivery package, or
  • antenatal care package only, or
  • delivery package only.

Please note that the packages only apply to women who are residents of Qatar.

For details about our self-funded maternity package prices or if you have any inquires about having your baby at Sidra Medicine, please contact our Women’s Care Coordination Team.

Patient Information

Private Rooms

All booked patients are guaranteed a private room upon admission. If you wish to upgrade to a premium room, these are subject to availability and additional charges.

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Package Payments

Packages that include antenatal care and delivery are required to be paid in two installments. The antenatal care package payment will be collected at the initial booking appointment and the second payment for the delivery care four weeks in advance of your estimated due date.

You will be liable for any additional costs incurred that are not included in these maternity packages, which are outlined in the additional charges section of this brochure and will be required to be paid on discharge.


Refunds of part or full payments will be considered in special circumstances.

Prenatal Test and Scanning

The Sidra Medicine’s Women’s Obstetric Ultrasound and Fetal Medicine Services offer a full range of special tests, ultrasounds and blood sampling that your maternity care team might recommend as part of your treatment and care. These include non-invasive prenatal testing, amniocentesis and chorionic villi sampling (CVS). Any special tests, ultrasounds or blood sampling will incur additional charges. To discuss our prenatal screening services, please contact our Women’s Care Coordination Team.

Elective Cesarean Delivery Package Only

Pre Admission Testing Clinic (PAT)- To assess and prepare for your admission for an elective Cesarean section, attendance at the PAT clinic and routine blood test are part of your package. This also includes an Anesthetist consultation.

Antenatal Classes

Sidra Medicine Women’s Services provide a range of antenatal classes. See our events calendar for a list of upcoming classes,

For details of charges and timings of our classes, please contact our Women’s Care Coordination Team.

Insured Patient

If you have private health insurance please advise the Women’s Care Coordination Team prior to your initial appointment so we can advise on the pricing, pre-authorization and billing procedure.