Dr. Mansour Ali

Acting Chair, Department of Surgery

Dr. Mansour Ali has been appointed as the Acting Chair of the Department of Pediatric Surgery.

Dr. Ali will resume the role following his appointment as Vice Chair of Pediatric Surgery and was with HMC as a Senior Consultant Pediatric Surgeon, Chair of Pediatric Perioperative Service and Head of Pediatric Surgery Department.

Dr. Ali is a graduate of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Medical School and following his initial general surgery training at Hamad Hospital, he undertook 6 years board training in Pediatric Surgery at the University Clinic Mannheim/Heidelberg in Germany - one of busiest and most advanced Pediatric Surgery hospitals in Germany where he obtained his Facharzt in Pediatric Surgery.

Upon his return to Qatar he joined Hamad Medical Corporation and developed a comprehensive Pediatric Surgery unit and established the pediatric perioperative service at HMC.
This involved the inaugural development of the pediatric anesthesia and pediatric OR nursing teams dedicated entirely to pediatric patient care. The Pediatric Surgery department at HMC became one of the most developed services in the region covering the entire scope of Pediatric Surgery using minimally invasive techniques including Robotic surgery.

As well as being a Pediatric Surgeon, Mansour is also Middle East Executive Board Member for the World Federation of Associations of Pediatric Surgeons. He also holds the roles of Assistant Professor of Surgery at Weill Cornell Medicine and Pediatric Surgery Residency Program Director at Hamad Medical Corporation – Qatar. He also holds the role of Pediatric Surgery Residency Program Director at Hamad Medical Corporation – Qatar and is a member of Member of IPEG, EUPSA, PAAPS.

Dr. Ali’s main clinical interests are in Minimally Invasive Surgery and Robotics