Hearts beating with joy

قصص المرضى

Patient family based in Kuwait, thank Sidra Medicine’s Prof. Ziyad M. Hijazi for the care their baby received at the Heart Center.

Reem was born in Kuwait with a large 9mm hole in her heart (between the two lower pumping chambers). Her parents, who heard of Sidra Medicine as one of the leading children’s hospitals in the region with a pioneering heart center, reached out to Prof. Ziyad Hijazi, who is the Medical Director of Sidra Medicine’s Cardiac Program and oversees the organization’s international office.

With over 37 years of experience, Prof. Hijazi is an internationally recognized leader in the nonsurgical repair of congenital and structural heart defects, interventional cardiology, congenital and structural heart disease. As an international patient, Reem’s family were given access and individual support throughout her stay at Sidra Medicine.

Commenting on the patient, Prof. Hijazi said: “Reem’s family traveled to Qatar to seek a second opinion. We did an echocardiogram that confirmed her condition and provided consultation and adjusted her medications. The family was very pleased with the outcome. And we are so happy to see bubbly little Reem thriving.”

Reem’s parent’s commented: “We traveled to Sidra Medicine from Kuwait for consultation with Prof. Hijazi, who is a renowned pediatric cardiologist. We are so happy with how everything turned out for Reem and how well we were taken care of during our stay in Qatar. The whole process went smoothly from the beginning until we left. Prof. Hijazi and his team ensured everything was easy for us to access and understand. We couldn’t be more grateful!”

Sidra Medicine’s International office handles all patient referrals from outside of Sidra. If you are based overseas and seeking specialist pediatric treatment for your child please contact 974-40031200 or email international.services@sidra.org for details.

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