State-of-the-art technology transforms patient experience at Sidra Medicine


Doha, Qatar, 31 October 2018: To support its mission to provide specialist care for women and children, Sidra Medicine recently activated an intra-operative imaging suite – the Interventional-MRI-Surgery Suite, also known as IMRIS; creating a step change in the role Radiology and Interventional Radiology play in successful patient outcomes.

The IMRIS hybrid operating theater features intraoperative imaging capabilities, including a moveable intraoperative MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and capacity to run highly complex interventions. Sidra Medicine is the first hospital in Qatar to install an IMRIS suite, which is also a first in the region. The hospital recently performed two highly complex procedures using the latest state-of-the-art diagnostics equipment.

The radiology department at Sidra Medicine works closely with general pediatrics, pediatric surgery and multiple other sub-specialties such as cardiology and neurosurgery, to provide best-practice care to patients using the IMRIS suite. Young patients are prepared for the procedure with the help of Sidra Medicine’s Child Life specialists who assist with the diagnostic and interventional steps by meeting with the child and family before the procedure to ensure understanding and comfort.

Dr. Ashley Robinson, Act. Chair of Diagnostic Imaging and Division head of Interventional Radiology at Sidra Medicine said, “Activating the service requires large number of staff from different departments. Our collaboration goes beyond clinical teams to involve the patient and their entire family. From multi-disciplinary discussions amongst many medical and surgical teams to collaboration with Support Services, Sidra Medicine takes great care to ensure that the hospital visit and stay are as smooth and calm as possible for the child. Very few hospitals around the world are able to collaborate and deliver patient care in this manner, all under one roof.”

The first two procedures performed in October using the IMRIS suite were on young patients aged seven and eleven years old, with vascular anomalies (localized abnormalities in blood vessels), which can change rapidly progress and are difficult to assess. The highly precise IMRIS technology was able to better define the lesions and help the team at Sidra Medicine to determine progress of the disease with a high degree of accuracy. This in turn guided the best course of treatment for both patients, who are recovering well from the multi-disciplinary care provided by Sidra Medicine.

“The IMRIS suite available at Sidra Medicine is the most comprehensive piece of technology that caters to interventional radiology, operating rooms, cardiology and neurosurgery by providing the highest quality angiography and MRI. It is a strong showcase for the investment we are making in cutting-edge technology that enables better patient outcomes and experiences. In addition to the high-tech equipment, we are proud to have highly specialized physicians, nurses and technologists who are able to operate this equipment safely and with great precision,” said Mooza Al Kuwari, Director of Imaging at Sidra Medicine.

Only a few weeks following installation of the technology in October 2018, the IMRIS suite has facilitated a decrease in patient wait times by combining multiple procedures in one setting. This has also allowed the team at Sidra Medicine, to ensure the safety of the procedure by performing it under the same general anesthetic and in one space without the need to move the patient.



The IMRIS also widens the options for surgeons to work together with diagnostic and interventional radiologists to perform minimally invasive procedures that improve outcomes. For example after resecting a tumor an angiography or an MRI scan can be performed to assess if there is a residual tumor. If after a tumor resection a patient requires further procedures by the interventional radiologists, this can be done in the same setting.

“Being able to combine a diagnostic and interventional procedure not only provides recent imaging for planning of the interventional procedure, it also decreases waiting times. Another benefit is that patients and their families don’t have to take too much time off for school or time away from work or home. We are also able to provide prompt treatment during the right phase of the disease,’’ said Dr. Walid Mubarak, Attending Pediatric and Adult Interventional Radiologist.



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