Sidra Medicine Team dubbed ‘Angels’


When Sammie and Derek Lyon decided they were ready for a family they just assumed it would happen. After all so many of their friends were telling the ‘whoops, we’re pregnant story’. Sadly it was not the case for them. Here, Sammie shares their story and says thank you to the Womens’ Services team who helped them on their journey.

‘Our daughter Addison (Adi) is the result of a 3 ½ year fertility struggle for us. Our experiences were not always positive and at one point in 2016 a medical diagnosis here in Doha had us believing I would actually be needing a hysterectomy. We thought Adi was never coming. Fast forward to December 2017 when after a few rounds of IUI our BIG FAT POSITIVE (BFP) came. We were elated and wanted only the best care for my pregnancy and our baby. That’s where Sidra Medicine comes into our story!

‘After several ‘mishaps’ that shook our confidence during the first 24 weeks, the family were finally able to get admitted to Sidra.

‘From our first consultation I knew we were in the right place. On the fourth floor we were blown away by the patience, understanding and level of personalized care we received and I’d like to give a huge thanks to Dr Ashok who allowed me to stop getting on the scales every week!

‘During labor, the team admitting us stayed over their shift change to see us safely onto the labor ward when Adi’s heart rate dropped. Although he didn’t manage to tell the team on the day I know my husband was especially grateful for its calm and caring approach.

‘Our midwife was just amazing too. Without her positive and genuinely loving presence I’m not entirely sure my husband would have survived the 18+ hours. Of course I really appreciated her too!

‘The staff in 6C were hard to leave when the time came. We knew we would never have it as easy once we left. So a huge thank you to Adi’s Angels on post-partum who patiently taught us nappy changing, feeding and even different ways to soothe and hold our precious baby girl.

‘Really, to everyone at Sidra Medicine who has been part of our journey, thank you doesn’t seem enough. Whilst to you we may be another family on the conveyor belt of people you help, we want you to know that we will forever be incredibly grateful for the huge role you’ve played in ensuring the safe arrival of our miracle. Although we’ve not impacted your lives, you’ve blessed ours forever. ‘

From the bottom of our hearts…. Thank you.’