Sidra Medicine to host the Fourth International Functional Genomics Symposium


Qatar Foundation institution attracts world renowned speakers for event covering implications of Big Data on patient care

Doha, Qatar, 2 December 2018: Sidra Medicine will host its fourth annual Functional Genomics Symposium, to lead the discussion on cutting-edge advances in genetics, genomics and Big Data in the field of medicine. The event will run from 8-10 December 2018 at the Qatar National Convention Center in Doha.

The Symposium will bring together a cross-disciplinary set of speakers who will address all aspects of genome variability and function, with a specific focus on the genetics of disorders affecting children.

Prof. Christof Von Kalle, Sidra Medicine Chief Research Officer said: “A great faculty of more than 20 international speakers will contribute to the discussion on how to understand the function of genes and how we can use this knowledge to help patients to treat their disease. We hope that our Functional Genomics symposium provides the opportunity for the international science community to address the complexity of human diseases and genome biology. These findings will eventually lead to better global understanding of diseases, as well as the treatment and care for young patients.”

The 2018 edition of Functional Genomics will include several new elements, introducing a Sidra Speaker Series and a Women and Science Workshop. The Workshop will host several prominent female scientists and researchers who have achieved leadership positions in the field of science, including: Professor Dame Kay Davies from Oxford University; Dr. Elizabeth Phimister from The New England Journal of Medicine; Dr. Souhaila Al Khodor from Sidra Medicine; and Professor Miriam Ali Al-Maadeed from Qatar University.

More than 23 international speakers will join from prominent institutions around the world, including the Tohoku Medical Megabank Organization in Japan; the University of Adelaide in Australia, the Feinberg School of Medicine of Northwestern University, the University of Washington School of Medicine and the Baylor College of Medicine from the U.S; the University of Geneva Medical School in Switzerland; the University of Cambridge in the UK; the Helmholtz Zentrum München in Germany and the University of Barcelona in Spain.

This year’s event will also feature an inaugural session of the Sidra Medicine Lecture Series designed to gather insights from some of the world’s leading luminaries on the subject of genetics and genomic medicine. Professor Dame Kay Elizabeth Davies, who is also the Dr. Lee’s Professor of Anatomy and a co-Director of the Muscular Dystrophy UK Oxford Neuromuscular Center, has been selected as this year’s speaker.

Programming at the Functional Genomics Symposium is directed towards physicians, nurses, pharmacists, healthcare policy makers, scientists, academic researchers and students involved in the fields of biology, genomics, genomic medicine, genetics, cancer and other chronic diseases.

The Symposium has been designated as an Accredited Group Learning Activity as defined by the Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners-Accreditation Department and is approved for a maximum of 22 hours for attendance during the entirety of the three-day conference.

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