Sidra Medicine Hosts International Academy of Cytology Certification Examination


سيصبح مركز سيدرا للطب أول مؤسسة في دولة قطر تقدم امتحانات شهادة خلوية للقطريين وغيرهم من المرشحين الراغبين في الحصول على أوراق اعتماد مهنية لمزاولة مهنة علم الخلايا التشخيصية.

Sidra Medicine will host the International Academy of Cytology (IAC) Certification examination for cytotechnologists in Qatar on August 17, 2017. The IAC is a scientific, non-profit organization for cytopathologists, cytotechnologists, and other professionals concerned with the discipline of clinical cytopathology. It is also the foremost organization to issue professional credentials in Cytotechnology and Cytopathology on a global scale.

يقوم أخصائيو علم الخلايا التشخيصيون بإعداد العينات وتحليلها بطريقة منهجية لتقييم مختلف الأمراض والظروف المرتبطة بها وكذلك لدعم خدمات الفحص وتوفير رعاية وعلاج أفضل للمرضى.

Cytopathology is a specialized discipline of diagnostic medicine whereby cells in human samples are analyzed predominantly for the detection of cancer. Other follow up services by cytopathology pertain to the surveillance and management of cancer, its likely spread, and the effectiveness of treatment. For example, one primary target for cytopathology is the detection of early cellular changes that may reflect the development of cervical cancer through the Pap test screening service.

Seven medical professionals from both the public and private health sector in Qatar, and elsewhere, are currently enrolled to sit for the inaugural certification examinations which will be conducted at Sidra Medicine on August 17, 2017. The examinations encompass all aspects of comprehensive cytopathology; inclusive of: theory, digital cytopathology, and practical test cases. Particularly in accredited cytopathology services, diagnostic cytologists need to be certified and credentialed in order to report diagnostic findings along with cytopathologists. This is a fundamental requirement at Sidra Medicine.


The examination will be administered by senior diagnostic cytologist and Cytotechnologist Fellow of the International Academy of Cytology, Nikolaos Chantziantoniou. “Medical education is one of the three pillars of Sidra Medicine. Hosting IAC examinations is a significant historical milestone in support of robust and specialized academic programs in the country. For those working in Qatar, they now have access to cutting-edge technology, laboratories, and experts in the region. We hope more medical professionals specializing in clinical cytopathology will be encouraged to seek prestigious credentials in the field.”

The examinations at Sidra Medicine are open to qualified candidates internationally