Jean-Charles Grivel, PhD

Director - Deep Phenotyping Core
Principal Investigator – Associate Level
Deep Phenotyping Core

Email: jgrivel (@)
Phone: +974 12345678

Selected publications (co-first, *corresponding):

  • Maacha S, Bhat AA, Jimenez L, Raza A, Haris M, Uddin S, and Grivel JC*. Extracellular vesicles-mediated intercellular communication: roles in the tumor microenvironment and anti-cancer drug resistance. Molecular cancer. 2019;18(1):55.
  • Zicari S, Arakelyan A, Fitzgerald W, Zaitseva E, Chernomordik LV, Margolis L, and Grivel JC*. Evaluation of the maturation of individual Dengue virions with flow virometry. Virology. 2016;488:20-7.
  • Fitzgerald W, and Grivel JC*. A universal nanoparticle cell secretion capture assay. Cytometry A. 2013;83(2):205-11.