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    Senior Attending Physician

    Dr. Ortashi is an experienced Gynecologist & Obstetrician, with over 20 years’ experience, he completed his training in Cardiff and Bristol. Thereafter he worked as Lead for Gynecology & Colposcopy service at North Devon Hospital as well as NHS cervical cancer hospital based program coordinator for North Devon Region. He was member of South East lead colposcopiests committee and member of Devon gynecology oncology network. Dr. Ortashi has an excellent experience in obstetrics that expand over three continents and consolidated by working under different settings and resources. He is well known regional figure in advanced pelvic and laparoscopic surgery. Before joining Sidra he was working for UAE University and Mediclinic Hospital and was coordinator for Abu Dhabi cervical cancer screening committee and member of UAE national cancer reduction committee. Dr Ortashi is sitting on many regional academic committees as well as on many advisory boards For HPV vaccination. He has published many original research on screening for cervical cancer & HPV vaccination.

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