Division Chief, Pathology Genetics
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    Dr Donald Love is the Division Chief of Pathology Genetics. He joined Sidra in 2017.

    Dr Love undertook his PhD in the Biochemistry Department of The University of Adelaide, then moved to, The University of Auckland in 1982 to study the genetics of thermophilic bacteria. He moved to Oxford in 1987 to study the human dystrophin gene and discovered its orthologue, utrophin. A Senior Research Associate position was accepted in 1991 in the Department of Pathology, Cambridge University to study Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia type 2.

    Dr Love returned to The University of Auckland in 1993 as a Senior Lecturer in 1993, then Associate Professor in 1999 and finally Honorary Professor in 2016. His research concerned the analysis of several heritable human disorders and disease modelling using zebrafish.

    Dr Love moved to Auckland City Hospital in 2007 as its Director of Diagnostic Genetics focusing on molecular-based diagnostics using innovative technology.