Amena Ateeq Alahmed

Amena Ateeq Alahmed MD

Attending Physician
  • About Amena Ateeq

    Amena Alahmed, MD is graduate of Arabian Gulf University school of medicine, in Bahrain kingdom .Dr. Alahmed trained at the Hamad general hospital, where she completes her internship and then complete her residency in pediatric department.

    During her residency, she was able to provide a high quality of care and consultation that resulted in overall improvement of department patient satisfaction .afterwards, she completed a fellowship in pediatric neurology at Hamad general hospital, in pediatric department. Dr.Alahmed focused on children with neurological disorders and reevaluated several methods of therapy management.

    Dr. Amena has been practicing in the department of pediatric neurology at Hamad general hospital in Qatar since 2007, one of the major governmental hospital in Qatar. Her practice focuses on children with neurological disorders such as epilepsy, developmental delay, muscle disease, headaches.

    In addition to her role as a doctor and competency committee faculty member, Dr. Alahmed is active in a variety of pediatric neurology related activities and programs.

    Languages Spoken

    English, Arabic