Virtual Consultations

We remain committed to patient-focused care through virtual consultations (via phone or video) for many of our outpatient clinics – allowing people to stay at home and access our world-class services from the comfort of their own surroundings.

Our patient access team will contact you to work out preferences and follow up with an SMS confirmation closer to your appointment. The SMS will provide instructions to guide you through the secure and easy-to-use process once your appointment is scheduled. Since this is a new process, we appreciate your patience should there be any technical issues.

الاستشارات الافتراضية

سنواصل العناية بمرضانا من خلال الاستشارات الافتراضية (عبر الهاتف أو الفيديو) في العديد من عياداتنا الخارجية - مما يتيح للناس الحصول على خدماتنا العالمية بينما هم ينعمون بالأمان والراحة داخل منازلهم.

سيقوم قسم التواصل مع المرضى بالاتصال بكم بك لمعرفة ما تفضلون، ثم يرسل لكم رسالة نصية للتأكيد والتذكير قبل الموعد بوقت قصير. بمجرد تحديد موعدك ، ستوفر لكم الرسالة النصية تعليمات ترشدك لآلية استخدام آمنة وسهلة. بما أن هذه العملية جديدة علينا، فإننا نقدر تفهمكم في حال ظهور أي مشاكل فنية.

Education & Training

  • Includes Perinatal Mental Health Fellowship
  • Participation in Department of Psychiatry Ground Rounds

Provision of Education re PIMH disorders to other healthcare services and to community forums. Learn More

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Sidra is also part of a dynamic research and education environment in Qatar and through strong partnerships with leading institutions around the world, Sidra is creating an intellectual ecosystem to help advance scientific discovery through investment in medical research. Our Research team has already made a considerable contribution, publishing 185 research papers and having been awarded 11 Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) grants.