Fawziya Al-Khalaf

Fawziya Al-Khalaf شهادة البورد العربي في طب الأطفال,دكتور في الطب

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    Nationally, Dr. Al Khalaf is recognized for her sizeable contributions to pediatric diabetes healthcare and has held several key administrative and clinical leadership roles in the State of Qatar. She established the country’s first pediatric diabetes day care program. She led Pediatric Diabetes Planning in Qatar National diabetes strategy and led the formation of the National Plan for Pediatric diabetes Services.

    Dr. Al-Khalaf sits on the board of Qatar Metabolic Institute, Hamad medical corporation Committee of JCI Clinical Care Program Certification for Diabetes.

    Internationally, Dr Al-Khalaf is a member in Pediatric endocrine Society and American association of clinical endocrinologist, member in International Society of Pediatric and adolescent Diabetes. The board member in Arab Society of Pediatric Endocrinology/ Diabetes,

    Dr. Al-Khalaf has been the recipient of a number of awards and commendations, including the “Star of Excellence for National Diabetes Centre” and ‘’Appreciation for the dedicated and outstanding work toward the execution of National Diabetes Strategy’’. Certificate of Appreciation By Qatar Foundation for contributing of the success of the “Right of Students with Diabetes Type 1. Certificate of Appreciation for the participation in the development of national clinical guidelines for diabetes. Also o she received leadership Award in recognition of outstanding achievement in the leadership category.

    From 2011, served as head of Pediatric Endocrinology /Diabetes division at HMC Qatar. From March 207 ,served as director of clinical service of Endocrinology/Diabetes division at Sidra Medicine.

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