Morag Gates

Chief Operating Officer

Morag Gates is the Chief Operating Officer of Sidra Medicine. She was appointed to the role in January 2016.

As the Chief Operating Officer, Morag is responsible for overseeing the operational aspects related to opening of Sidra Medicine's Outpatient Clinic in 2016 and the activation of the inpatient facilities in the main hospital. She is also responsible for overseeing Sidra Medicine's Project Management Office and various support services including facilities management, biomedical engineering, facilities design and planning, procurement, activation management and patient experience among others.

Before joining Sidra Medicine, Morag was an Executive Director as part of a “turnaround” team in a hospital in south east England that had been in “Special Measures” for two years. Prior to that, she was the Director of Projects and the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) Project Director for the University Hospitals Birmingham Foundation Trust – a top performing foundation trust in the United Kingdom. She also worked as a Programme Director for Barts Health, where she was responsible for all aspects in the final negotiations of a billion dollar PFI contract.

Morag has held several years’ experience at the board level including an eight year stint as NHS Board Director at the Midlands Foundation Trust from 2006-2014. She has also worked with the Private Finance Unit with the Department of Health in the UK. The unit was responsible for approving large scale capital projects in the National Health Service (NHS) UK and all PFI projects.

Morag was also trained as a registered nurse and held various nursing posts within intensive care units in various hospitals in London before moving into operational management and subsequently into the management of large scale projects and portfolios in the healthcare sector. Morag has also carried out consultancy work in Europe Australia and the Middle East mainly around the building and commissioning of new hospitals.