Joanna Smith

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Joanna Smith is the Chief Information Officer at Sidra Medicine. She joined Sidra Medicine in May 2018.

In her role, Joanna is responsible for leading the development of Sidra Medicine’s information and communication technology capability. She is also responsible for coordinating with and providing advice to Sidra Medicine’s senior leadership regarding IT, information management and operations.

Joanna is a leader in the IT healthcare sector, having begun her career as an analyst programmer at Roche before moving into project and program management where she successfully led the IT aspects of Roche’s UK&I SAP implementation. She later took on the role of Global Customer Support Team Head for Sales and Marketing and worked on Roche’s global mobile device and CRM strategies. She also led the Service Level Management work stream as part of Roche’s global ITIL program.

She subsequently joined Takeda, where she become Global Lead for IT on the successful implementation of a new document management system deployed worldwide.

Joanna later joined the Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust with a mandate to transform IT systems and services. During her tenure, she completely overhauled the IT infrastructure, including a redesign and upgrade of the network, migration from XP to W7, introduction of new server architecture and migration to private and public cloud services.

Additionally, she oversaw the implementation of several new clinical solutions to support electronic prescribing and medicines administration, inpatient admissions, bed management and outpatient appointments along with the digitization of 50 million paper patient records. She was also instrumental in driving the effective remediation of an underperforming PACS solution and led the development and approval of a new enterprise imaging strategy.

Joanna is a Certified Healthcare CIO and Fellow of the British Computer Society and has been a member of the UK CIO 100 for the last four years.