Tips for healthy and active children

Sidra was proud to take part in Qatar Foundation’s Garangao festivities on the 28th of June 2015. The fun-filled family event was organized by Qatar Foundation at the Al Shaqab equestrian center.

The Sidra stand attracted more than 3000 visitors where kids enjoyed a variety of educational activities and games teaching them about making healthy food choices and raising awareness about different food groups. An educational flyer with tips for healthy and active children (Ages 3-10 years old) was given out to parents.

The games and flyer were done in partnership with Sidra’s Nutrition and Dietetics team – who provided valuable input with health and wellness messages highlighting where food comes from, as well as showcasing the difference between foods that should be eaten regularly and occasionally.

Here we share some key tips for healthy and active children:

  • Encourage choosing water and plain milk over soft drinks
  • Try a new exotic fruit every week for example Kiwis, papayas or lychees
  • Children should get atleast 60 minutes of active play per day
  • Afterschool activities that include physical play such as swimming, yoga, basketball and soccer can be a good way for kids to get the needed amount of physical activity each day
  • For younger kids, activities may include fee play, organized sports and games like jump rope, hop scotch, leap frog and tag
  • Teach children about the connection between food choices and the effect on health, growth and performance at school and sports


The poster with more tips can be downloaded here, or click on below image: